Pioneer delivers ‘world’s best flat screen TV’

Pioneer today announced their new line-up of plasma screens; a range it prommises to be ‘the world’s best’.

Their new 8th generation line-up includes Full HD 50-inch and 60-inch screens and a series of 42 and 50-inch XGA screens. 

Significant is that they’ve managed to achieve 80% deeper black levels than previously possible, and hence acheive a true constrast ratio of 20,000:1. 

What this means is that, they’ve managed to create an environment completely absent of colour or light reflection – pure black, if you like – which shows the richest colour spectrum and sharpest details yet seen on a flat screen TV. No wonder they’re called the godfathers of plasma.

Pioneer - world's best flat screen TV

Here’s an overview of their new line-up.

Images and more information are available here.

2 Responses to Pioneer delivers ‘world’s best flat screen TV’
  1. Jeff | 14/02/2008 at 7:35

    Pioneer’s KURO series won the Home Entertainment category in Popular Science’s “Best of What’s New 07. The technology drawing Popular Science’s comment “.. most vivid picture you’ll find on any TV” is due to Pioneer’s implementation of the new xvYCC color standard. There is more on this and other technologies behind the KURO series at

  2. Free Wii | 08/11/2008 at 7:57

    This looks great. The screens I have used by pioneer have always been good and I will stick with them in the future