Canon to make “big” acquisition this year?

Smarthouse News: Canon has said that it will not rule out a big aquisition in an effort to grow. It has also confirmed that it will launch SED TV technology this year.

Canon has served notice that it will not give up its No. 1 global position in digital cameras and multifunction printers (MFPs) without a fight. It has also said it has not ruled out a large merger or acquisition for the right company with technology that will help Canon to succeed.

That was one of the messages chairman/CEO Fujio Mitarai gave last week as he tried to pump up the company’s image during an official media tour to the Japanese HQ of Canon.

Mitarai said Canon’s goals include of reaching No. 1 standing in all of it market segments over the next few years, including office imaging products, computer peripherals, business information products, optical products as well as cameras.

He noted Canon reached $35 billion in worldwide sales in 2006 and sports a strong balance sheet.


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