Microsoft Says No PS3 Blu-ray In Xbox 360 Microsoft’s Xavier Bringue has put rumors to rest stating that Microsoft has no plans to put a Blu-ray drive in the Xbox 360 similar to how it is in the Sony PlayStation 3.

The co-president of the HD-DVD promotional group stated that the medium is still in the mix and far from down and out like many believe.

He continued by stating that the Blockbuster move to make Blu-ray exclusive may be a a factor but the most important thing to the next-gen media format war is the price and with HD-DVD being cheaper, it still stands a chance.

7 Responses to Microsoft Says No PS3 Blu-ray In Xbox 360
  1. DumbSwede | 23/06/2007 at 5:39

    Wow, strong words from the co-president of the HD-DVD promotional group: “with HD-DVD being cheaper, it still stands a chance”

    Words to inspire!

    I can just see HD-DVD’s new promotion push now.

    HD-DVD, it still stands a chance

  2. starfoxacefox | 23/06/2007 at 6:48

    Ahh I already talk about this in other fourm, if MS put Blue-Ray into 360 it would be mess. Well they just lost the next gen war on gaming and video. It like if you are going to buy new HD and it only $8 more for 300gb then 250, I would take 300gb.

    I just open Netfick acct just to rent Blue-Ray… Look great on 27″ HD LCD TV, cheap Olevia. Buy one get other one free and $100 off on PS3. It was only 20gb PS3, but I own 60gb as well. Now 20gb running Linux..


  3. uwanna2o | 23/06/2007 at 7:19

    wat THa

  4. uwanna2o | 23/06/2007 at 7:22

    well if i woz the cunt in charge of the hd dvd shit i would make a deal with MicRo about paying 4 tha devolpment of a built in hddvd drive because tha add on is a succsess 150,000 sold but not compared to tha 1.5 mill sony shit ( USA im refuring 2 ) so all in all mabey they need to shalve this down peoples necks

    Ethere that all

    release a add on blu-ray drive cart go wrong ???

  5. I can's spell | 23/06/2007 at 8:24

    WTF!!! Uwanna2o, think you better go learn to spell correctly, your comments made no sence at all, you should be banned from posting on any forums/websites for EVER!!!

  6. you can't spell either | 23/06/2007 at 14:27

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