Report: Google TV Sets in the Works

PC World: Google is reportedly working with TV maker Matsushita to develop HDTVs that have a direct link to Google-owned YouTube and the Picasa photo sharing services. Reports come by way of CNN Money which is running the story.

Don’t get your hopes on bright and friendly Google-branded TV. Google is only partnering with Matsushita to allow its TVs to stream YouTube video content and access Picasa photos.

Ever since Google purchased YouTube for a hefty $1.65 million, it has been running with and trying new services and features with the booming Web video service. This sounds like a similar deal Google cut with Apple which put a YouTube icon/shorcut directly on the iPhone’s menu.

According to the CNN report, channel surfers will be able to sit on their sofa and navigate content with only their remote control. On the actual TV will likely be an ethernet port or built-in Wi-Fi capability.


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