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Motorola launches MOTO Z10

Camera Core: Motorola has announced the launch of the MOTO Z10 phone, which will be available in the UK in the second quarter.The Z10 is an upgraded version of the MOTO Z8. It features HSDPA for instant media download and streaming, Symbian UIQ and 3.5G technology, and allows users to capture, edit and share multimedia directly from the mobile device.

Video can be captured at 30 frames per second, and users can then add a soundtrack, commentary and visual effects. The QVGA 16m colour TFT display is ideal for video-playback.

The 3.2-megapixel camera features instant launch, auto-focus, and a super fast burst mode of three shots per second. An intelligent, auto-save feature automatically names images and saves them to a media gallery.

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Lansche Audio No. 8 plasma tweeter speakers

Audio Junkies: Germany’s Lansche Audio uses one of the most technically and sonically impressive tweeters ever created in their speakers, the Corona ion plasma tweeter. The Corona has more ultra high frequency range than any diamond dome, ribbon, or planar driver because it’s not really a driver at all, it’s a zero mass, completely resonance free electric arc that directly activates the surrounding air as a sound transmission medium.

Lansche’s latest creation, called the No. 8, is a 3-way floorstanding speaker measuring 158cm high, 60cm deep, and 44cm wide at the rear, tapering to a 35cm wide front baffle.




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Mvix MX-780HD Media Center with built-in Torrent client

Anything But iPod: The newest version, the Mvix MX-780, adds HDMI out for resolutions of to 1080p. There are many different ways you can play media on the box: stream it from your computer (Wi-Fi or Ethernet), transfer it via USB as a standard MSC drive, connect an MSC drive to the USB host on the back, set it up as a NDAS network drive and drop files on, and of course add an internal IDE or SATA drive. Additionally, you are able to tune into free internet radio for music content.





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FM Transmitter for “Fat” Nano.

Akihabaranews: The “Fat” Nano, better known as the 3rd gen Nano, can stream music to any FM powered device thanks to Green-House and its GH-FT-IPOD3N. A FM transmitter for Nano available in 5 different colors to match your DAP.

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Stanton, Pioneer bust out new DJ rigs

Engadget: It looks like DJs will soon have a couple of new pieces of gear to consider, as both Stanton and Pioneer took advantage of the currently-happening NAMM expo to announce some new and decidedly non-amateur rigs.

First up is Stanton’s SC System which will be available either as a set or as a separate “virtual turntable” and “virtual mixer”. As Crave reports, the former of those’ll give you a 10-inch, high-torque motorized platter covered in real vinyl, while the latter packs four channel strips with EQ control among other standard controls and, most importantly, a Firewire interface that’ll handle a 96KHz sample rate.

For its part, Pioneer’s announced two new additions to its line of DJ CD players, including the MEP-7000 Professional Multi-Entertainment Player and the SEP-C1 Professional Software Entertainment Controller. Both of those pack 4.3-inch LCDs and make use of Pioneer’s DJS software suite for control from a PC, with the MEP-7000 adding dual players (that’ll handle DVD-ROMs in addition to CDs) and a slew of other features not found on the SEP-C1.

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Saint-Gobain and Novaled announce a breakthrough for OLEDs

Printed Electronics World: Saint-Gobain and Novaled have demonstrated the feasibility of large area OLEDs, based on a new high-performance metallic anode.
The goal of a two-year research cooperation programme between both partners has been to develop basic technologies for high-performance white OLEDs. Researchers at Saint-Gobain Recherche (SGR), France have created a highly conductive transparent electrode “Silverduct™”, bringing up to 10 times better surface conductivity than traditional ITO (Indium Tin Oxide). Thanks to Novaled PIN OLED™technology for high efficiency OLEDs, samples were successfully manufactured on large area surfaces.

SGR and Novaled, Germany now see the possibility to produce homogeneous OLED devices up to 100 cm2 which will ease the manufacturing of large OLED lighting products.

Additionally, by eliminating the metal grid Silverduct™ offers significant potential for reducing manufacturing costs.

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Macworld: HD from iPod to HDTV without Apple TV x2

DVICE: Who needs Apple TV Deux or to spend an extra buck for renting iTunes movies in HD? This spring, both DLO and Creative Labs will have iPod docks that connect to HDTVs via HDMI and will upconvert standard def movies from your iPod to HD.

The DLO HomeDock HD will upconvert films to either 720p or 1080i, depending on your HDTV’s native resolution, includes a TOSLINK digital audio jack and an RF remote.

Creative Labs’ Xdock HD only does 720p but includes component video jacks for older sets, and also converts a movie’s stereo sound into 5.1 surround. Along with the dock, you get a 2.4 GHz wireless distribution hub that sends your iPod sound to a second audio system in another room.

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Study: Flat HDTV prices to drop 15 percent

TVPredictions: Pacific Media Associates is forecasting that flat-screen HDTV prices will fall another 15.6 percent in 2008.

The California-based research group estimates that the average street price for a flat-panel HDTV declined by 14.7 percent in 2007.

However, Pacific Media cautions that some categories — such as 1080p sets — witnessed smaller price drops in 2007.

TV makers last year aggressively marketed the new, more expensive 1080p set, which purports to offer a better picture resolution. The effort was designed to stabilize high-def set prices after a sharp price decline during the 2006 holidays, which hurt both retailer and manufacturer profits.

“At this time last year, manufacturers were hoping that 2007 would bring some stability to flat panel HDTV pricing,” said Rosemary Abowd, a Pacific Media vice president.

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Is Samsung working on the SGH-i900 Windows Mobile Smartphone?

the unwired: Italian website KataWeb claims it received information of a so far unknown Samsung Windows Mobile smartphone expected to be called the Samsung SGH-i900. According to KataWeb, the i900 features Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional and supports GSM/GPRS/EDGE as well as UMTS/HSDPA up to 7.2 Mbps, Bluetooth 2.0+EDR and WiFi.

A real highlight could be the 5 megapixel autofocus camera. While Samsung has some experiences in this field, we haven’t seen such a camera in Windows Mobile devices yet. Furthermore the i900 should includes GPS and a FM radio.

Last but not least, the i900 should feature a 3.5″ 240 x 400 pixel bio touch kind of touchscreen as well as an optical joystick, we have seen with the i780 already too. The 8 GB inbuilt memory can be expanded using microSD cards.

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Map Share and Help Me free upgrades for TomTom owners

GPS Tracklog: TomTom has quietly been updating the firmware of older units, adding their new Map Share and Help Me features. Newly supported units include the TomTom GO 300, 510, 700, and 910, along with the TomTom ONE and ONE XL. To upgrade, simply connect your device to TomTom HOME. The only catch is that, for most models, you’ll need to have a map version of 6.75 or higher.

More from the press release:

“TomTom Map Share™ is a unique map improvement technology that enables users to easily and instantly improve maps directly on their device. Via TomTom HOME, TomTom’s free desktop software application, Map Share™ users can also receive map improvements made by the TomTom community so that they always have the most-up-to-date maps available.”

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Garmin makes deal with BMW for custom Nuvi 360

NaviGadget: Garmin and BMW recently announced a partnership where Garmin will customize sat nav systems for BMW 1 and 3 series based on the nuvi 360.The portable GPS navigation system will have custom logos, pre-installed BMW dealer database and a special dock on the car’s instrument panel which means no clutter:

“…includes a customized mounting bracket that allows owners to mount the nüvi directly to the interior trim on the instrument panel, rather than to the windshield via a suction cup mount like traditional Garmin portable navigation systems… The special bracket is powered by BMW’s onboard network and eliminates the need for exposed power cables. The mount charges the nüvi’s built-in battery so that the device may also be used outside of the car when navigating a city as a pedestrian.”


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Sharp AQUOS home theater fits HDTVs, built-in rack

Electronista: Sharp on Wednesday took the unusual direction of building a compact home theater in its AQUOS Audio lineup that doubles as a complete stand. While larger models exist, the AN-ACD2 is designed not only as a 150-watt, 2.1-channel receiver and stereo but also as a stand for an HDTV set; with at least AQUOS HDTVs, any 37- to 42-inch set can be supported by the entire device. It also includes a deliberate gap that allows at least two devices such as a Blu-ray player or a cable set-top box, according to Sharp.

The ACS2 pipes content directly to the TV through HDMI and also includes 11 different presets to fine-tune the audio response to different formats, such as pure music, movies, or sports. It should be available in Sharp’s home of Japan by February 1st for a flexible price.

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