Samsung P2 going 16GB

Anything but iPod: The Samsung YP-P2 is one of the most popular players these days, with a wide range of features including touch screen, an excellent widescreen, and Bluetooth. The only thing that has been holding it down is the capacity, as so far it’s only been available in 2, 4 and 8GB. Until now.

True to their word, the 16GB Samsung P2 is now on it’s way. That should be welcomed news for those who couldn’t make due with 8GB. The 16GB version will launch in Korea in a few weeks and hopefully the rest of the world will follow shortly. No word yet if there will be a 32GB, but knowing Samsung that is still way into the future.

2 Responses to Samsung P2 going 16GB
  1. steve k | 01/05/2008 at 21:54

    I consider YP-P2 have good features; Wide LCD, Touch Screen, Bluetooth, FMRadio…
    Several firmware upgrade enables users to make it in their own way.
    There is still unsolved or needed functions remained of it.
    I am happy to upgrade new firmwares.

    Now 16GB-P2 will help users who want to keep high volume files (ie, Movies) or Album collectors containing with new features.

    Next 32GB ? (I am not for sure..)