Even in areas where there is high unemployment, you will see lots of satellite dishes and huge TVs

icWales: As the latest reports reveal more people in Wales are enjoying broadband than ever and satellite TV is more popular here than in any other part of the UK, Tim Lewis looks at what’s pushing the buttons of technology-savvy consumers

THERE is no longer a “digital divide” between rural parts of Wales and those living in urban areas, according to the latest statistics.

A newly-published survey by regulator Ofcom shows Wales is leading the way in the growth in consumption of some technologies.

It revealed Welsh people watch more satellite TV than the rest of the UK with 79% taking a satellite service, 14% higher than the UK average of 65%.

They also listen to more radio than any other part of the UK, 24.4 hours per week compared to a UK average of 23.5 hours.


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