Woolworths steps into digital media

vnunet: Woolworths has launched a digital download site for music, video, games and mobile, while announcing that it will no longer sell CD singles in its stores from August.

The high street retailer said that 55 million CD singles were bought in the UK in 2000 but that this had slumped to just eight million in 2007 and that the trend has moved to online sales.

Woolworths will axe sales of CD singles in its stores with the exception of one-off events like the X-Factor winner which still sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

“Digital downloading is now the true customer choice for listening and purchasing single music tracks,” said Jim Batchelor, commercial director at Woolworths.

“CDs are alive and well for album sales, but the physical singles market is in terminal decline. Our customers are now embracing the world of download which is why we feel the time is right to launch our new digital site.”


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