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Panasonic denies OLED TV production rumors

Electronista: Panasonic will not bring a 37-inch OLED TV to market by 2011 as reported last week, according to the company. Panasonic executives are instead hinting its OLED TVs will be sold to consumers closer to 2015, although they are officially keeping tight-lipped about specific timelines, saying only that research and development is ongoing in Japan.

Recent reports have Panasonic mass-producing OLED panels at the Himeji production facility of its subsidiary IPS Alpha, which is slated to open at the beginning of 2010. The manufacturers’ latest response to the rumors has at least confirmed that the Himeji facility will eventually produce OLED panels.

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Pioneer announces new LCD screen range Pioneer has announced the launch of three KURO-branded LCD TVs, the 32in KRL-32V, 37in KRL-37V and 46in KRL-46V.

This is the first time the company has produced an LCD range, with its KURO brand having been exclusively Plasma based.

Speaking about the new LCD range, Heidi Johnson-Cash, General Manager for Marketing at Pioneer GB said: “Our award-winning KURO plasma TVs have been described as the best in the world.

“With these new LCD TVs Pioneer wants to offer increased flexibility and fulfil the demand for a premium HD experience regardless of home environment or screen size. By taking full advantage of our extensive plasma knowledge, our LCD TVs will deliver industry-leading black levels and 1080p performance.”

The LCD panels are Full HD 1080p, have a 100Hz mode and are all equipped with KURO link. Looks-wise, Pioneer have given the sets a brushed titanium veneer.

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Samsung HL72A650 DLP HDTV review

HDTV News: Samsung has made its mark in the HDTV market and they most definitely delivered brilliant full 1080p HD in an energy-efficient design with the HL72A650. The Samsung HL72A650 HDTV has a 72″ DLP screen and is housed in a sleek piano key black cabinet, with a slim depth that fits where others won’t.

Samsung Cinema Smooth 120Hz light engine offers smooth, film-like images. User have an option to select game mode for advanced gaming action. Its 3D capabilities let you enjoy HD Bluray, 3D movies, and games to the fullest. Lastly, you can maximize picture and audio performance and minimize wires and cables by connecting your HD cables to satellite video components with the 3 HDMI inputs. Wiselink USB 2.0 input lets you connect your digital camera or MP3 player, for quick access to pictures and playlists from your remote control.

Three High Definition Mutlimedia Interface (HDMI) connections make your DLP HDTV a multimedia centerpiece. Connect HD digital devices like disc players, game consoles, and satellite dish components using the two rear connnections and use the side-mounted input for cameras, camcorders, and laptops.

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Users search for iPhone almost 7 million times in april

PC World: Speculation of the upcoming iPhone 3G led to a massive amount of searches for Apple’s popular device in April, according to research firm comScore.

The researcher said that 1.3 million people conducted 6.9 million searches for iPhone-related terms during the month. Not surprisingly, “iPhone” led the search terms with 1.5 million searches, but other high ranking terms included “iPhone update” (151,000), “iPhone 2.0″ (75,000) and “iPhone 3G” (60,000).

“Search is frequently a harbinger of purchase intent,” said Dan Lackner, comScore senior vice president. “The increase in volume of iPhone searches demonstrates just how heavy that interest has been for the next generation of Apple’s popular phone — even when its existence was still just a rumor.”

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Mio Moov 380 GPS has a mobile phone built in

Gizmodo: Mio’s new Moov 380 GPS just passed through the FCC, complete with the ability to make/take phone calls and send/recieve SMS texts.

The GPS unit comes with a SIM card slot, allowing for said cellular functions as well as an SD card slot for storage. In addition, the Moov 380 comes with a SIRFStarIII GPS chip and cellular data speeds would range between 2.75G and 3G.

Because this needs a full voice plan from a wireless carrier to make use of the Moov’s features, I’m assuming you’re supposed to use the SIM card from the mobile phone you already have. But would you go through the trouble of SIM swapping for this?

Also, we’ve seen cellular enabled GPS units from Dash and Magellan, and soon, Garmin with the Nuvifone, but the usefulness of such a connection depends on what data the devices can pull down from the network.

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BenQ unveils the E72 smartphone BenQ has released one of its most connected phones yet; a smartphone that works seamlessly on both mobile and WiFi networks, meaning you can go between GSM and WiFi without dropping a call.

The E72 uses Windows Mobile 6 software, so you can cater to all your business needs on the move. Aesthetically, the phone is great too – at just 13mm thick, it’s one of the slimmest smartphones on the market.

Packed into the slender chassis is some IM software. This is the first device of its kind to use instant messaging and means that no matter what IM network you use – be it MSN, Google Talk, Yahoo ICQ, AOL or Jabber – you can log in and start texting.

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Sony unleashes three new ES receivers

Crave: Sony has unveiled three new AV receivers in its flagship ES (“elevated standard”) lineup. While the company’s announcement is light on specifics, it looks as if some or all of the models will offer the lossless audio decoding for Blu-ray movies, graphical user interfaces, Sirius and XM satellite radio compatibility, automatic speaker calibration, and upscaling of analog video sources to 1080p HDMI output. Model-by-model details include:

Sony STR-DA2400ES: The entry-level ES receiver boasts 100 watts per channel, four HDMI inputs, and what Sony calls a “basic icon-driven graphical interface.”

Sony STR-DA3400ES: The middle model of the trio improves upon its little brother with a 12-volt trigger, IR repeater, and composite video output to a second zone. Sony’s info isn’t specific, but it appears that this model and its step-up (below) will both feature the more familiar Cross Media Bar-style (XMB) graphical interface similar to that found on the PSP, PS3, and newer Sony TVs.

Sony STR-DA4400ES: The crown jewel in the new ES line is a 120 watt model that features six HDMI inputs, 3-zone audio, and HD video output to a second zone. It also will offer picture-in-picture functionality, so you can watch two video sources simultaneously.

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Garmin’s Astro GPS Dog Collar Helps Hunters

Digital Trends: You have a GPS system for your car, your boat, and to use on foot, so why not for your dog? Garmin has always catered to this rather unique GPS market with the Astro dog-tracking collar for hunters, and on Thursday, it updated the system with a brand new collar, the DC 30.

Unlike its predecessor, the DC 20, the DC 30 has no need for an awkward brick on top with an antenna poking out of it.

Garmin reworked the collar to integrate the antenna smoothly into the strap, so it comes out unobtrusively from the side. A main housing sits below the dog’s neck, while the antenna stretches through the strap to the top of its neck, where it has the best view of satellites.

Using the Astro 220 receiver, hunters can keep track of where their dogs are and where they’ve been, within up to seven miles. Since it doesn’t use cellular towers to transmit, it works in remote areas, and there’s no need to pay a subscription.

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Matsushita goes with Panasonic brand name for all divisions

Engadget: For the few people who knew the brand Matsushita Electric Industrial, the company is finally, officially going with the Panasonic brand name.

After much deliberation, shareholders approved a proposal to change the company’s name to Panasonic Corporation.

The change will begin in Japan October 1, 2008 with an NYSE symbol change from “MC” to “PC” and will be complete in March 2010 with all products and divisions under the Panasonic moniker.

While this won’t be a big deal to those of us who know Panasonic for its displays and electronics, gone will be the Matsushita battery, ecology, and welding division names.

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More than 50m PS3s and PSPs now sold

Eurogamer: Sony has revealed that more than 50 million PS3 consoles and PSP handhelds have now been sold.

The total figure is comprised of more than 12 million PS3s and more than 37 million PSPs.

The company also said over 9.8 million people now have PlayStation Network accounts. More than 170 million pieces of content have been downloaded from the service.

The figures were announced in a presentation at a corporate strategy meeting.


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New Samsung YEPP P2 DMB and YEPP S3 Players unveiled

I4U News: Samsung introduces the Yepp P2 DMB enabled portable video player and the Yepp S3 DAP.

The new Samsung P2 features besides DMB TV a large 3 inch touchscreen and the slick player is only 11.9mm thick.
Other features of the Samsung P2 include Bluetooth 2.0, and 4GB, 8GB, 16GB capacity options.

The new Samsung S3 features enhanced video capabilities and Samsung’s DNSe (Digital Natural Sound engine) 2.0.
Other features of the Samsung S3 include 3D sound 12 band equalizer, LED light effects, FM radio, photo viewer, screen saver, and alarm clock.

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LG shifts business focus to Europe

VNUNet: LG Electronics has announced plans to shake up its European development programme by increasing investment in the region over the next two years.

The company will invest millions of dollars in marketing, design and increasing its European headcount through 2008.

Europe already generates 19 per cent of LG’s global revenues, but the firm is driving a major shift in strategy which will see Europe playing a central role in its global roadmap.

“Europe is the ultimate test-bed for our new approach due to its diversity, the education and engagement of its consumers, its highly competitive markets and the fast-pace of change and adoption of new technologies,” said global LG chief executive Yong Nam.

LG is currently number two in the flat-screen TV market and number four for mobile handsets globally, but the company has met challenges in Europe which is dominated by competitors such as Sony and Samsung.

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