Motorola is going Android, Nokia might follow

PC World: Motorola is hoping to stem its recent financial bloodletting by throwing its might behind the popular Android operating system. It’s betting that Android is the mobile OS of the future and has reportedly begun to assemble a 350 team of Android developers to transform its mobile business.

Motorola’s weak point has always been the software interface. While phones like the hugely popular RAZR V3 sold in millions across the world, users were never particularly impressed with the software capabilities of the devices. In a bid to turn its luck around, Motorola is now set to adopt Google’s Android mobile operating system, bridging the gaps between hardware and software.

Also Nokia is said to already have an Android team mingling around. Though Nokia is determined to keep Symbian going as long as possible, if Android really takes off, we might see substantial changes in the company’s strategy as well.


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