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Canton ships flagship 3.2 DC floor-standing speakers

SlashGear: The well known speaker maker from Germany, Canton has announced immediate shipment of its flagship reference series 3.2 DC audiophile-grade loudspeakers.

Like most German’s finest automobiles, the leading edge speakers and top of the line from Canton’s floor-standing unit doesn’t come cheap though.

The premium gets you three-way bass reflex system with outstanding deep bass response and smooth high frequency response that is linear to 38.5 kHz with the company first’s ceramic dome tweeter.



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Corporate geeks may enjoy the Sennheiser VMX Office headset

Mobile Magazine: When you get a name like the Sennheiser VMX Office Communications Bluetooth Headset, you know that you mean business.

Literally. The VMX Office is being targeted squarely at the more corporate-minded among us, but there’s really nothing stopping the blue collar (or no collar) types from nabbing this headset.

Designed to raise the bar for sound quality, safety, and comfort, the Sennheiser VMX Office offers incredible ease of use. The base station can be connected to any number of landline phones, computers (VoIP), and Bluetooth mobile phones, effectively letting the executive yak up a business deal without swapping headsets.

The range has been rated at 35 meters.

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HTC Confirms Touch HD, Touch 3G & Viva Handsets

TrustedReviews: Just five days after the Touch HD was leaked HTC has bitten the bullet and announced the impressive looking handset to the world.

The good news doesn’t stop there either since the Touch HD does indeed live up to all the leaked info meaning it will sport a WVGA (480 x 800 pixel) touch and widescreen display, a five megapixel camera, WiFi, aGPS, a fast 528MHz Qualcomm 7201A processor, Bluetooth 2.0 + EDR, a microSD/SDHC expansion slot, large 1350mAH battery and that all important 3.5mm headset jack.

In related news HTC has also come clean about two other entry level handsets: the ‘Touch 3G’ and ‘Viva’ with the former looking like a proper version of the leaked Opal (HSDPA, 3.2MP camera, aGPS, microSD, 2.8in QVGA LCD) and the latter appealing to those on a budget by matching it apart from its absence of 3G.

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Leica unveils Pradovit D-1200, first entry in Digital Projector display

SlashGear: The days of 35mm slide projector have receded into the past as new digital projection equipments offer much easy and convenient integration with nowadays digital still and motion pictures.

Even the old school Leica will be releasing their first digital projector with the announcement of Pradovid D-1200 – featuring the traditional Leica superb optics while claiming smallest and lightest projector within its class.

The compact Pradovit D-1200 sports a Texas Instrument’s WUXGA 1920×1200 DLP panel; offering 2500:1 contrast ratio, 1400 lumens and is capable to throw up to a 432-inch diagonal size picture despite its diminutive dimensions.

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Studios, tech companies push unified digital media standard

PC World: Movie studios and technology companies have joined together to push for digital video that isn’t tied to specific devices but plays across multiple platforms. The Digital Entertainment Content Ecosystem (DECE) aims to make it easier for consumers to use digital video with a host of devices from different manufacturers.

With the use of Digital Rights Management technology, a file purchased from any vendor would theoretically be playable on any device–as long as that device was built by a member of the consortium. In addition, consumers would have the ability to store their files online and stream them to a device from any location.

The DECE counts among its numbers all of the major movie studios–with the exception of Walt Disney –and a host of popular equipment manufacturers–with the exception of Apple.

The omission of Apple is significant. The company’s iTunes Store is the U.S.’s leading music retailer. While Apple’s efforts to sell digital video haven’t matched its success in digital music, the iTunes Store remains a prominent source of legitimate digital video downloads.

Other movers and shakers in the technology industry–including Microsoft, Toshiba, Intel, and Hewlett-Packard–are involved the DECE.

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HP df300 & df1000a digital photo frames

SlashGear: HP have a duo of new digital photo frames, one intended for portable use and the other better suited to the mantelpiece. 

The 3.5-inch df300 stores up to 45 images on its internal memory, and has a 320 x 240 resolution display with a 400:1 contrast ratio. The 10.4-inch df1000a, meanwhile, has 512MB of onboard storage and an 800 x 600 resolution display.

Capacity on the smaller display can be boosted via an SD/SDHC/MMC slot, and it can run either off AC or USB power, or via its internal rechargeable battery.  A full charge will last for two hours, enough to bore any friend or relative with your latest holiday snaps.

The df1000a, meanwhile, has a USB port and 5-in-1 card reader, and can either display a single image or a composite of four images (or, alternatively, a mixture of images, calendars and clocks). 

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Navigon announces new Navigon 2000S GPS

NaviGadget: Navigon on Monday announced the new Navigon 2000S. Navigon 2000S seems like a mid-range GPS navigation system with the price of an entry level system. 

It features the Reality View Pro which is very helpful at complicated highway intersections with its 3D view that even include actual road signs.

There’s also the Lane Assistance Pro which can tell you which lane to merge to.

Text-to-speech is also a very nice feature you can find on Navigon 2000S.

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New film download technology to prevent piracy Film buyers in the UK will be able to download films to their computers and iPods in a new breakthrough deal between Twentieth Century Fox and Apple, it has been announced.

‘Digital Copy’ for iTunes will provide customers who buy a DVD with an additional disk – or Digital Copy of the film – allowing them to download the film straight on to their iPod, iPhone, PC, Mac or any other portable video player.

The technology, which has been available in the US for almost a year, is now being launched for British movie buyers. Fans who buy the special edition sets of DVDs will be given the free extra disc allowing them to download the film files straight on to their machine.

Purchasers will not have unrestricted use of the files – the number of times they can copy the film is strictly limited as each DVD will only transfer its iTunes Digital Copy to one iTunes library.

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Asus Zest smartphone promises to beat Apple’s iPhone… yet again

ITProPortal: Taiwanese Computer giant Asus is preparing a cute little smartphone called the Zest (or Glaxy 7 or Crystal) which should be competing both with Samsung’s Omnia and the Apple iPhone.

The smartphone, which comes with a front camera, has Blackberry-like trackball pointing device together with Windows Mobile 6 OS underneath and a huge, accelerometer-enabled, 3.5-inch touchscreen capable of displaying 800×480 pixels.

Other features – that have yet to be confirmed, remember – include HSDPA, WiFi, Bluetooth, a 5-megapixel digital camera, up to 4GB of internal memory and expansion via MicroSD card.

Now, Asus produces smartphones for other well known tech companies apparently and the firm is a well established OEM for Apple.

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NFC Mobiles to reach 700m according to research

ITProPortal: Analysts at Juniper Research have speculated that Near Field Communication (NFC) enabled mobile sets are expected to reach to 700 million users by 2013.

As per a recent report from Juniper Networks titled, “Mobile Payment Markets: Contactless NFC 2008-2013”, the mobile payment services market exude tremendous growth potential, especially during the period of 2011 to 2013.

Earlier, O2 had completed a successful trail of pay-by-mobile services that employs RFID technology and had concluded that the technology can be utilised for simplifying the life of users; however, the company asserted that the technology is in its nascent stage and there is still a long way to go for its complete implementation.

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3M MPro110 Micro Projector launches

T3: The 3M MPro110 isn’t the most feature-packed projector you’ll find on the market, but it’s almost certainly the smallest and very likely the most fun.

Yes, despite being the size of a particularly chunky smartphone, this palm-sized peripheral can offer big screen movie action or giant-sized gaming in VGA resolution up to a maximum screen size of 50 inches.

And you can even do it in daylight, the LED lamp used to display images doesn’t even require a darkened room – just a screen or a large plain wall and you’re away. Oh yes, and an audio source too, but no built-in sound sadly.

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HTC Touch replacement to wear Viva name, not Opal

Electronista: The replacement for the HTC Touch, earlier reported to be named the HTC Touch Opal, will officially be called HTC Touch Viva instead, a report suggests.

The name is not set in stone, but at the same time, the report confirms specs gleaned earlier.

What is new is an initial Asian release, though no guesses are made as to an exact date. Europe should get the new HTC Touch handset on September 30, with prices set at an equivalent of about $425.

Apart from this new information, the quad-band Opal/Viva will carry over the TI OMAP 200MHz processor and 2.8-inch, 240×320 pixel touchscreen of the original Touch.

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