Sharp solar-powered 52-inch HDTV with LED-backlight

SlashGear: Sharp have been demonstrating a solar-powered HDTV at CEATEC 2008, capable of operating solely from the power generated from sunlight. 

The 52-inch set uses an LED backlight and other energy-efficiency technology so as to reduce it’s power requirements to just 220kWh; coincidentally, that’s the same amount as the solar panel generates.

Of course, in its demonstration setup this wouldn’t be much use – unless you watch TV outdoors, or don’t have a roof – but I’m imagining that Sharp intend for the solar panel to go onto the roof rather than at the base of the set.  It’s actually a demonstration of both the company’s high-power solar panels and their LED-backlight efficient TVs.

4 Responses to Sharp solar-powered 52-inch HDTV with LED-backlight
  1. Bill from KC | 13/12/2008 at 0:10

    Wow, now all I need is a really big back pack and I can take this bad boy camping :)

    I wonder what the specs on this tv are?

  2. Denver PC Guy | 13/02/2009 at 21:34

    This is definitley my idea of going green. I would love to encounter one of these when Im out in the field doing repairs. Id probably just clear the rest of my week.


  3. patrick | 22/02/2009 at 2:17

    so when is this hitting the market? if this was at costco it would be flying off the shelf.