Panasonic to tighten distribution in US

TWICE: Keeping step with the “reordering of the universe taking place” in the consumer television industry, Panasonic Consumer Electronics North America executive VP Bob Perry revealed plans Thursday for a realignment of the company’s distribution practices, which in coming months will see it drop price-focused retail accounts while picking up others that are willing and able to implement Panasonic’s stricter marketing policies and programs.

Perry said Panasonic is shifting from its relatively “uncontrolled” distribution practices of the past to one that “ensures that those dealers who have invested in our products on their retail floors receive a reasonable return on their investments.” Perry said,

“There are some dealers we do business with today that we probably should not do business with. The way that we control the distribution of products into the marketplace needs to change, and we are going to tighten that up. The way that we segment our product lines — whether it is TVs or digital still cameras — into the distribution channels will change.”

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