OpenRemote Making Progress on the Dream

Automated Home: Following on our story about touchscreen phones possibly spelling doom for universal remote controls, The OpenRemote guys have been pretty busy over the last few months.

From launching their new website and Twitter feed, to publishing a new YouTube channel. But perhaps most tantalisingly this weeks blog post for the open source project shows prototype hardware up and running – sending commands from an iPhone, across Wi-Fi and out of their hardware device to an IR signal.

Even more interesting it promises that “two more weeks or so and you’ll be able to try it out for yourself”.

The Open Remote project sets out its mission to – “provide high-end automation software and hardware for the masses and without vendor lock-in.” They are building an open community in an effort that contrasts the proprietary systems currently on offer.

Off-the-shelf hardware is being targeted and the group aim to increase consumer choice by building interoperability and therefore reduce hardware cost. We share their belief that high-quality smart homes should not be exclusive to millionaires, but available to a larger audience of home-owners. Finally OR believe that by being an open source project they remove the barriers to user innovation, freeing the community to innovate with their hardware prototypes and the features they build into their software.


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