iTree iPhone & iPod dock are created out of a tree trunk

Born Rich: If our mention on the title confuses you, we would like to tell you about the iTree docking station by KMKG, which has been made out of the log of a tree trunk! This docking station has the ports needed to charge your iPod or iPhone, as well as plays stored audio content at the same time. What makes this product rather abstract, is that it’s been created out of wood, which is hand selected by the customer and built according to the individual needs.

The iTree is all innovative in designing and general aesthetics. The wood used to create the body of the dock station is picked from the forests directly and worked on with precision to create just the product that you would be looking for. The craftsmen help you with the selection, from within the area of ‘Streirische Vulkanland’ area of South Austria after which your specifications and needs are noted down and then worked upon. From the trend which has been noticed so far, poplar, cherry and spruce wood have been the most common choices for making the iTrees. The designing aspect has been strictly kept to maintain the natural look of wooden fiber; hence very little change can actually be noticed on each log. The natural appeal has been kept as untouched as possible.

The utility factor has been well taken care of. Due to the multiple ports, any model of an iPod, iPhone or even other CD players with similar ports can be mounted on the iTree, and also charged while being used. Also, one can fit these as a part of a musical turntable for further integration. However, if you are looking at other options for docking stations, please do glance over Branex Design docking station, Dashlink docking port for Harleys, and the iBoat docks. With creativity of design, and rising popularity of Apple products, the final offering seems to get more innovative like the product itself.


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