Symfony coders get ready for global live events

Exciting times ahead if you are a Symfony professional. Paris and San Francisco are about to host Symfony Live 2020, two sister conferences created  to provide a meeting place for the practitioners of the popular Symfony PHP framework. They are going to be built on the successes of the previous two editions that took place in Paris. For the first time in history, though, the main event in Paris has its live equivalent across the Atlantic, in San Francisco, a result of the community of Symfony developers and coders expanding internationally.

San Francisco conference is scheduled to take place on February 8-9, while Paris will open its doors to conference attendees on March 3-4. Even though a strongly international crowd is expected, the operational language for both events is English, with Paris offering a parallel French section to cater for a very strong French-speaking population among Symfony coders.

Both conference days, in SF and Paris, are packed with action. The leading theme and the focus is going to be Symfony2, another generation of PHP frameworks that that is about to be released in its stable version. If things go according to plan, the organizers say, conference participants will see the final product unveiled during the upcoming events in SF and Paris.

The floor will be open to a wide range of speakers who can share their experiences and expertise with both PHP frameworks, Symfony1 and Symfony2. As usual, the score of topics is broad and includes any web application development practices connected with the two PHP frameworks, Doctrine, PHPUnit, CMSes and PHP as such. No Symfony practitioner is likely to walk away with questions unanswered, no matter what their field of interest. Early bird registration to both conferences ($199 SF, €199 Paris) expires on November 30, 2019.

Next to regular sessions, organizers invite conference attendees to take part in the so-called hacking days. What this unique event involves in practice is coders from across the world working together in the same room within Symfony to tackle ongoing challenges. This means creating code, fixing bugs, translating documentation, cooperating on particular problems with the Symfony CMF or PhpBB4 and plenty of other tasks as they appear. The idea is not only to foster a collaborative spirit among Symfony developers, but also to have some fun. Wifi, pizza and beer are free throughout hacking days. The dates for San Francisco are February 5-6 and for Paris March 5.

Also, the organizers of the conferences, Sensio Labs, are staging a training session for Symfony2, scheduled for March 2 in Paris. Early registration is advisable due to limited capacity.

Don’t miss this opportunity to socialize, learn and integrate with a thriving Symfony community.