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Sharp’s 90-Inch Aquos is the world’s largest LED HDTV

Born Rich: Beating its last year’s own 80-inch Aquos LC-80LE632U, the acclaimed Japanese consumer electronics company, Sharp has now proudly announced the commercial availability of its new behemoth 90-inch Aquos LED LCD HDTV, tagged as world’s largest LED HDTV. (more…)

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Sharp’s biggest LCD HDTVs get even bigger with a new 80-inch model

Engadget: When is big not big enough? Apparently when it’s Sharp’s “spectacularge” 70-inch AQUOS LCD HDTVs that were introduced earlier this year, and have now been surpassed by a new 80-inch model the company showed off today. (more…)

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Sharp introduces ultra slim and Wireless AQUOS F5 Series in Japan!

Akihabaranews: Good lord! I have to admit that it has been a while since I haven’t been amazed by a TV, and truth to be told I wonder why no one has introduced such TV before!
Ladies and gentlemen, behold Sharp AQUOS F5 Series, a new generation of LED backlights TV that comes with a completely redesigned architecture that now comes in an ultra simple package of just five layers if you include the TV bezel! (more…)

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Sharp Increases LCD Production by August

HDTVNews: The economy hasn’t quite recovered yet. But this recent news from Sharp is definitely a positive sign. Even with the volatile market, consumers can’t seem to get enough of LCD flat-panel televisions. This prompted Sharp to increase their production of flat-panel sets.

Again, this is due to the ever increasing demand for LCD televisions in the first half of this year. First up is their Kameyama factory in western Japan. The company planned to increase glass substrate production from 90,000 to 100, 000, starting in August.

These glass substrate are the main components in manufacturing LCD televisions. Each substrate measures 2.16 meters by 2.46 meters and can be used to up to eight 40-inch class or six 50-inch class LCD panels. Basic mathematics would give us an idea of how many actual sets those 100,000 glass substrate could produce.

Of course, the Sakai factory, which is larger than the Kameyama factory, will naturally produce even more. It will handle even larger sheets of glass. I don’t know when the economy will completely stabilize. But this news is certainly one of the better signs.

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Sharp unveil new Eco-Friendly AQUOS LCDs in Japan

Akihabara News: Here are the New AQUOS A Line-up, a series of 3 LCDs TV with a 40”, 42” and 52” LCD Full HD Panel (15000:1 contrast ratio and a brightness of 450cd/m2).

While this TVs are “fully loaded” (HDMI, 120Hz…), Sharp’s goal on this series was to drastically reduce their power consumption with an improved Backlight and overall power consumption system capable to bring to 175kWh/Year for the 52”, 145kWh/Year for the 46”, and only 120kWh/Year for the 40” model.

Prices are to be expected around 200 000 yen (€1535) for the 40”, 260 000 yen (€1995) for the 46” and 390 000 yen (€3990) for the 52”.

Sharp Eco-Aquos

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New Blu-ray DVRs from Sharp

EngadgetHD: Sharp’s back again with four more Blu-ray DVRs…  in Japan.

The main upgrade from last year is improved compression, going up to 7x, squeezing HD down to 3.4Mbps MPEG-4 AVC to fit up to 30 hours of HD on each disc.

The top of the line BD-HDW40 features 1TB of hardware storage, dual digital TV tuners, 1080p/60 output, BD-Live, and all the oxygen-free copper cabling and anti-vibration tech one would expect, with the other three spec sheets causing predictably lowered paroxysms of pleasure for slightly lower prices.

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CES 2009: Sharp to show Aquos HDTVs with integrated Blu-ray Player

I4U News: Sharp is apparently planning to bring their Aquos HDTVs with integrated Blu-ray Player onto the US market. When Europe will follow is unknown.

The company is supposed to exhibit the new Blu-ray HDTVs at the CES 2009.

Sharp has already introduced HDTVs with Blu-ray Players and Recorders in Japan in October.

According to Wired Sharp will offer a 32 inch and 42 inch Aquos LCD TV with integrated Blu-ray player starting right after CES 2009.

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Another Aquos TV is born

Register Hardware: Sharp has expanded its Aquos TV range with a 46in model. The LC-46D65E boasts full 1080p support and although its 20,000:1 contrast ratio isn’t the highest we’ve seen before, the set should ensure a vivid on-screen display thanks to its 450cd/m² brightness.

You can also play music and view still images through the set’s built-in USB port. Around the back of the TV, three HDMI ports are to be found. Two Scart ports also feature.

A pair of hidden 10W Dolby Digital speakers provide “sound that is as clear as the on screen image”, Sharp said.

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Sharp Aquos Limited Edition Series LCD HDTVs unveiled

infoSync: Boasting enhanced image and sound quality in combination with a thin design, the Sharp Aquos Limited Edition Series LCD HDTVs will arrive in stores soon.

Sharp today unveiled a next-generation LCD TV series that combines image quality, thin design and advanced environmental performance. The full HD 1080p Limited Edition LCD TV series, available in 65-inch (the LC-65XS1U-S) and 52-inch (the LC-52XS1U-S) screen class sizes, utilizes a newly-developed 10-bit Advanced Super View (ASV) LCD panel that enables a slim profile of only one inch at its thinnest part.

The Sharp Aquos Limited Edition Series incorporates a new RGB-LED backlight system for a 15 percent NTSC color gamut, and high Dynamic Contrast Ratio of more than 1,000,000:1 for deep blacks and crisp picture quality.

To deliver improved sound, Sharp joined with Pioneer to develop a thin-design speaker system that combines Sharp’s 1-bit digital amplifier.

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Sharp intros two small AQUOS LCD HDTVs

Electronista: Sharp announced the upcoming release of a pair of its newest AQUOS LCD HDTVs, the 20-inch LC-20E5 and 16-inch LC-16E5.

Both are capable of displaying 720p (1366×768 resolution) images and feature two HDMI connections for HD sources such as Blu-ray players. While a digital TV tuner is built in, the TVs can double as computer monitors thanks to their necked stands that allow them to swivel from side to side.

The new AQUOS LCDs feature a contrast ratio of 1,200:1, brightness of 450cd/m² and a horizontal viewing angle of 176 degrees. Traditional RGB video, as well as S-video and component plugs are also part of the HDTVs’ connections. A network jack and RS-232C input are also included, and the TV remotes can also control a connected Sharp Blu-ray player through CEC support.

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Sharp LC-65SE94U HDTV launched

HDTV News: Sharp’s LC-65SE94U HDTV is setting a new standard in today’s television market. The Special Edition AQUOS SE94U Series sets a new standard for large-screen flat-panel LCD TVs. Instead of single-colored bezel, the LC-65SE94U sets a new design with its graceful, artistic form that enhances any room’s decorations.With its FULL HD 1080p resolution, enhanced black levels, and a fast response time, it also produces breathtaking picture quality.

With the AQUOS LC65E94U, you get Sharp’s next generation Advanced Super View/Black TFT Panel with Multi-Pixel Technology. This technology divides each pixel into two sections and develops an advanced driving system to deliver more natural and accurate color reproduction when viewing the screen from virtually any angle.

With this, it improves extreme-angle viewing by about 60 percent. Not only that, but the contrast ratio is 27,000:1 and the fast 4ms response time make your favorite action scenes as clear and smooth as they should be.

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Sharp, Toshiba strike LCD and chipmaking pacts

Electronista: Sharp and Toshiba today vowed to change the TV business with a new alliance that will play off of each other’s strengths. Under the deal, Sharp will receive semiconductors from Toshiba to handle the image processing in its AQUOS sets; Toshiba in turn will receive LCD panels for all of its HDTVs from 32 inches and larger. This expansion will be necessary to keep up with the sheer demand for LCDs, the companies say: as much as half of Sharp’s circuit needs will be filled by Toshiba by 2010, while 40 percent of Toshiba’s screens will come from Sharp at the same time.

The agreement will take effect as of fiscal 2008 for both companies, though the TV makers have not said whether the cooperation will lead to cost improvements but indicate that it should help the image processing of TVs and help Sharp in particular produce slimmer and more efficient sets.

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