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Colorfly portable music player takes Hi-Fi on the road

Gizmag: The smartphone has quickly become an essential part of modern living. It’s a powerful portable computer, a high resolution camera, and a mobile communications center. However, if you’re of the school who thinks that just because such a device can also play music, there’s no need to spend good money on a separate audio player – the Colorfly Pocket Hi-Fi C4 pro may well be the dedicated music player to change your mind. (more…)

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AuraSound Sound Station is the audiophile-grade iPod dock for your audiophile-grade bedstand

Engadget: It’s no good plunking your precious iPhone into a little dock that tries to skitter away from you. You need something with mass. Something with presence. Something like the AuraSound Sound Station, which offers an “audiophile-class acoustic design” in something a little less… dirigible-esque than other high-end docks we’ve seen. It also sports a seven-inch touchscreen wedged in the middle there, enabling “unrivaled ease of use,” also letting you play videos and things. AirPlay support appears to be missing, but the device is said to be upgradeable to make it a “living, learning machine” that can grow with you. That and many, many more idealistic euphemisms are waiting for you in the press release embedded below — but no mention of price.

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Naim UnitiQute: Play your digital music on your high-end Hi-Fi

Crave: The world of the audiophile is different to the one us regular folk tread. That’s not a bad thing, because it means that someone, somewhere, is making sure we don’t get stuck with low-quality MP3s and rubbish-sounding DAB. Audiophiles want music to be as close to the original as possible, and so does Naim, which is where the UnitiQute comes in.

Think of this as the Rolls Royce of streaming audio, where Sonos is the Jaguar. Both do similar things, but one is aimed at people who like cars, while the other is aimed at people who like cars so much they spend more than the price of a house on one. The Naim UnitiQute promises the best possible build quality — it’s designed and built in the UK — and a wealth of features, although, unlike the Rolls, it has no walnut trim.

What it does have, though, is a Rolls Royce price tag. At around £1,350, the Naim isn’t cheap. But as with the car, it’s the highest quality piece of equipment you’re likely to find. There is a DAB radio, but the UnitiQute can happily tune in high-quality FM stations and access Internet radio, too. If you can’t find anything on this wireless worth listening to, you really aren’t trying hard enough.

Digtial inputs mean you can connect a CD transport and get the best possible sound from your discs. Apple Lossless and FLAC support round off the high-end audio support, but should mean that music lovers never have to suffer through a compressed song again.

Crucially, in addition to streaming things like 320kbps MP3s, the Naim can also take audio with sampling rates of up to 24bit/96kHz. That means it’s capable of doing justice to everything you own, not just those Britney Spears MP3s you nicked off Napster ten years ago.

The Naim UnitiQute might be pricey, but it’s a lovely piece of kit. Well built and well specified, it will appeal to those who want music moved from their computer to their Hi-Fi, but need better quality than you could ever get from other, cheaper devices.

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Onkyo aims new compact systems at ‘audiophiles’

Engadget: Onkyo, known in these parts for everything from digiframes to a rather wild selection of PCs, has announced a set of compact audio systems aimed at the audiophile (though to be fair, Onkyo’s definition of “audiophile” might be different than our own). For the well-heeled consumer, the CS-1045DAB (pictured after the break) sports 70W (x2) output, three analog and both optical and coaxial SPDIF inputs, a front-mounted USB port, VLSC Vector Linear Shaping Circuit tech, and a 24-bit Burr-Brown DAC. Score! Available at the end of August for £600 ($925) or bundled with a pair of D-145 speakers for £700 ($1,080). If your budget’s a little tighter (and we can’t blame you if it is) the CS-545UK (pictured above) is a cute little guy that features a digital amp, 2 x 50W output, MP3 compatible, tray-loaded CD player (remember those?), both an iPod dock and USB input, video out (presumably composite) and sub woofer out. Ships with a pair of D-045 2-way bass reflex speakers for £349 ($537) or without for £249. Look for it in September, kids!

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