Two new DDJ controllers by Pioneer

Akihabara News: Pioneer introduced this week two new digital USB controllers, the DDJ-T1 for TRAKTOR DJ and the DDJ-S1 for Serato ITCH. Sold bundled with special editions of the software they are intended for, they will allow direct mixing of computer stored music. Sold respectively for around 1400 and 1700$, they should be available mid-February.

A perfect integration of each software’s functionality and our leading-edge hardware, the Pioneer DJ Controllers offer the same operability and layout as our pro-DJ equipment – whilst enabling DJs to play music files from the computer.


Bundled with TRAKTOR Pioneer DDJ-T1 Edition software, this new controller delivers all of the most popular TRAKTOR features – without the need to upgrade the software. 4-channel deck control, 6 effects and recording all come as standard, meaning that the DDJ-T1 helps DJs unlock the full potential of the software at no extra cost.

The DDJ-T1 combines the familiarity of TRAKTOR with Pioneer operability to deliver high-level performance. Due for release in mid-February, the DDJ-T1 will retail with a suggested retail price of £899 including VAT – offering an affordable solution for bedroom or mobile DJs.

Features include:

* Effect area exactly mirrors the software interface, delivering the same look and feel
* 115mm jog wheel and Needle Search
* Unique laptop integration design places the screen in the DJ’s line of sight at all times
* Optimized audio circuitry in the master output area borrowed from our pro-DJ equipment ensures high quality sound
* Plug and Play through USB: all buttons are pre-assigned to the software functions
* Built-in sound card.

DDJ-S1 for Serato ITCH

The perfect home or mobile DJ set-up, the DDJ-S1 features balanced XLR input/output for connection direct to professional PA equipment, and a microphone talk-over feature to make MC’ing a breeze.

Add to this the simple Plug and Play connection, amazing software features and superior hardware control, and the Pioneer DDJ-S1 is a major force to be reckoned with. Suggested retail price is £1099 including VAT.

Features include:

* Tight integration with Serato ITCH software: play music files direct from your laptop without ever touching the keyboard
* Pioneer functionality layout including alphabetic search and slip mode
* Equipped with various inputs and outputs, including a balanced XLR inout/output (1 of each)
* Unique laptop integration design places the screen in the DJ’s line of sight at all times
* Optimized audio circuitry in the master output area, borrowed from our pro-DJ equipment, ensures high quality sound
* Needle search function allows DJs to quickly skip through a song to a preferred playback point
* Built-in sound card.


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