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WiFi Direct and DLNA get friendly, make streaming media a little bit easier

Engadget: DLNA and WiFi Direct are both pretty sweet technologies on their own but, together, they offer the promise of simple, wireless media streaming without the need for that pesky router middleman. (more…)

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DLNA adds new features to 2009 interoperability guidelines

Connected Home News: The Digital Living Network Alliance is adding new features to its upcoming 2009 interoperability guidelines, such as additional connectivity options, protected setup support, content synchronisation and menu sharing.

The DLNA’s interoperability guidelines are designed to unite various consumer electronics, personal computer and mobile device technologies into a cohesive home networking environment, enabling network operators and consumers to add new services and products into the home network seamlessly.

“DLNA is the solution for the connected home,” said Scott Smyers, Chairman of the DLNA Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of Sony. “Service providers and manufacturers who adopt the guidelines are meeting the needs of consumers to share and enjoy content anytime, anywhere.”

The DLNA also recently approved the Multimedia over Coax Alliance (MoCA) technology standard for incorporation into the next version of its guidelines.

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