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Onkyo reveal Spotify-streaming CR-N755 Mini Hi-Fi receiver

TechDigest: Onkyo have just revealed the CR-N755 Mini Hi-Fi receiver, which niftily offers networked music streaming, including Spotify playback, among its list of features. (more…)

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Sony New SA-NS 310, 410 and 510 wireless speakers

Übergizmo: Sony just outed three new wireless speakers with the SA-NS310, SA-NS410 and SA-NS510. They are all built to receive an audio stream over WiFi, including over Apple’s Airplay with you want to stream from an iOS device (there’s an app too) or from iTunes. Android users are not left in the cold and a streaming app is available for them as well (that would be unfortunate since Sony makes its own Android XPERIA phones). (more…)

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Pioneer launches first micro hi-fi systems with advanced wireless networking featuring AirPlay support

Pioneer.eu: Pioneer Europe introduces two new all-in-one micro hi-fi systems that are designed to the highest audio standards and offer AirPlay, an iPod/iPhone dock and a versatile USB input for iPad. Also included are DLNA support, internet radio and much more. (more…)

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Pioneer SMA wireless speakers put AirPlay, HTC Connect in one happy family

Engadget: Apple and HTC might be at each other’s throats in court, but they’re living in peace and harmony in Pioneer’s world. The fresh new SMA wireless speaker line supports both Apple’s AirPlay format and HTC Connect-certified DLNA to take audio over WiFi no matter whether it’s coming from an iPhone or a One S. (more…)

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WiFi Direct and DLNA get friendly, make streaming media a little bit easier

Engadget: DLNA and WiFi Direct are both pretty sweet technologies on their own but, together, they offer the promise of simple, wireless media streaming without the need for that pesky router middleman. (more…)

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Denon DNP-720AE does network audio and not much else for $660

Engadget: The DNP-720AE has been hanging around at trade shows for a while, but it’s only just been tagged up with a price. And boy, what a price: £429 ($660) for a stereo box that snatches AirPlay, DLNA, Internet radio, Napster and Last.fm off your WiFi or wired network and outputs to your amp. (more…)

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Denon finally introduces its latest 3D Universal Blu-Ray player, the DBP-1611UD in Japan


Akihabara News: Announced earlier this year in Europe and North America and widely available overseas since this summer, the DBP-1611UD, Denon latest 3D Universal Blu-Ray player will finally be available in Japan within this month (December).

Supporting BD, DVD, CD as well as DVD-Audio and SACD disks, the DBP-1611UD comes also with the support of DivX Plus HD, AVCHD, DLNA, YouTube, Netflix (for the USA), as well as the usual MP3 and WMA file support.

The DBP-1611UD will be sold in Japan at around 52,000 Yen MSRP.

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LG BD690 is the first Blu-ray player certified for Wi-Fi Direct, keeps Bluetooth paranoid

Engadget: The possibilities teased in 2009 by Wi-Fi Direct have probably kept Bluetooth up at night, and we’re sure the commencement of device certification last month hasn’t helped, either. Now the LG BD960 has emerged as the first Blu-ray player on the Wi-Fi Direct certification list, hinting direct P2P communication in our home theaters among WiFi devices (without the need for a routing middleman) could soon go from fiction to fact. Unfortunately, mum’s still the word on shipping and pricing. The mere chance however that the player could stream content to any other WiFi-equipped device — Direct certified or not — is a big enough deal to give our dedicated media streamers Defarge-like glances already. Particularly, if the BD960 comes packed with features similar its suspected predecessor the LG-BD390, which can stream both Netflix, Vudu, and DLNA network content, as well as play DivX HD 1080p content. Until more details surface though, we’ll simply have to keep reminding our poor Galaxy S that it isn’t destined to be alone in this cold, cruel world forever.

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Sharp launches super-slim 3D Blu-ray player


Electronista: Sharp Japan has launched the BD-HP90, which it first announced back in September. The 1.3-inch thin device supports 3D Blu-ray content in 1080p at 24fps as well as support for DVDs, CDs and digital formats through USB including DivX HR and JPEGS and MP3.

But like many home entertainment devices currently available, it is also web-enabled. It offers support for Netflix video and Pandora audio streaming through its in-built Wi-Fi or Ethernet connections. It DLNA compliant giving users the option of streaming media from compatible devices wirelessly for display on a connected TV.

The Sharp BD-HP90 ships in Japan on November 20 for the equivalent of $450. US availability and pricing has not yet been announced.

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Marantz NA7004 Network Music Player

Audio Junkies: Marantz’s new NA7004 network music player is the latest product in a growing new category of “front-end” components that are able to play back digital formats from a variety of sources while containing no actual storage. The NA7004 is DLNA certified for connection to a home network, and also offers coaxial, optical, and USB digital inputs. A front panel USB input allows for easy connection of a thumb drive or iPod, and Bluetooth streaming is also supported via an optional dock.

The NA7004 can also access thousands of internet radio stations, and supports a full complement of lossy (MP3, MPEG-4, AAC, WMA) and lossless (FLAC, 96/24FLAC, WAV, WMA-L) formats. The price is $799.

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Marantz adds Blu-ray 3D, internet streaming features across 2010 Blu-ray player, audio line

Engadget: Marantz has unveiled its 2010 line of high end receivers, amplifiers, pre amplifiers and Blu-ray players, and naturally the headlining upgrades have to do with streaming internet video access, Blu-ray 3D and HDMI 1.4 compatibility. You can check out the press releases for all the details, but we’ll highlight the UD7005 ($899, due in September) and UD5005 ($499, August) “Universal Media Players,” which earn the tag by including everything SACD, DVD-Audio, DivX and even Blu-ray 3D playback, plus improving on their predecessors by featuring DLNA v1.5 streaming access and built in Netflix and YouTube compatibility. One disappointment however, while some are still waiting for an updated version of the flagship SR8002 receiver, with only new editions in the form of the SR5005, SR6005 and SR7005 receivers. The SR7005 features six HDMI 1.4a inputs, with Windows 7-compatible DLNA, iPod, IP control, Pandora and the other usual feature boxes checked when it ships next month for $1,599.

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Onkyo intros TX-series receivers with iPhone/iPod support

iPodnn: Onkyo has introduced three new receivers, each featuring support for 3D video and iPhone/iPod connection. The TX-NR1008, TX-NR808, and TX-NR708 offer an Ethernet port for integration with home networks, enabling DLNA streaming and access to additional content such as Pandora. (more…)

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