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iPhone is “future of gameplay” – Apple News

Eurogamer: Apple marketing exec Greg Joswiak has declared that the iPhone and iPod Touch represent “the future of gameplay” – unlike dusty old antiques the DS and PSP.

Joswiak was speaking in an interview with T3. Referring to the 1500 software titles already available for Apple products, he stated, “The gameplay I think has surprised a lot of people, because it’s not just the casual games… There are already so many games and as we look at it, to us it really seems this is the future of gameplay.

“Whereas a lot of these devices [Nintendo DS and Sony PSP] are more in the past,” Joswiak continued. “And a big part of that is not just the device itself, which is easier to carry, and has the touch display and accelerometer which is great for gameplay, but it’s the electronic distribution of the apps as well.”

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Nintendo launching new DS with camera, music player and more

SlipperyBrick: Nintendo has plans to launch a new version of the popular Nintendo DS handheld game console by the end of this year, and it sounds like they are doing more than just adding new colors this time.

The new model, yet to be named, will feature a camera and music player, putting itself in competition with a larger number of portable devices and opening up a whole mess of new game possibilities.

This news does not come straight from Nintendo, or at least not yet.

It does however come from the Sunday edition of The Nikkei Business Daily, which is a well renowned newspaper in Japan.

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Nintendo Sales, Profit Surge on Wii, DS

PC World: Nintendo reported strong growth in its sales and profit during the April to June quarter thanks to the popularity of its Wii console and DS handheld gaming device.

The company said net profit jumped 34 percent compared to the same period last year as sales rose 24 percent.

Nintendo sold 5.2 million Wii consoles worldwide during the quarter, a jump of 50 percent on the same period a year earlier. In Japan, however, sales dropped by almost half. Sales of Wii software rose in all regions. Overall, 40.4 million Wii games were sold during the period.

Key titles during the quarter included “Mario Kart Wii,” which sold 6.4 million copies, and “Wii Fit,” which sold 3.4 million.

Sales of the Nintendo DS were down slightly from the same quarter last year due to a big drop in Japan. Overall, 6.9 million of the handhelds were sold in the quarter, against 7 million in the same period last year.

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