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Europe’s best full-HD plasma TV named: Pioneer PDP-LX508D

Pioneer’s newest 1080p plasma TV, the PDP-LX508D KURO, has been voted Europe’s best Full-HD plasma screen.

The award was given by the European Image and Sound Association (EISA), a jury of editors from 50 of Europe’s top consumer electronics magazines.

Pioneer PDP-LX508D

EISA’s citation reads:

    “Once again Pioneer has reaffirmed its mastery of plasma picture quality.

    The ‘Full-HD’ PDP-LX508D sets a new standard for that key benchmark of home cinema video performance: black level depth. To achieve this exceptional result, Pioneer has simultaneously improved the three fundamental display elements – panel, filter and electronics – while at the same time paying close attention to picture processing, including motion compensation subsystems.

    Plus, as befits such a home cinema workhorse, the PDP-LX508D is also capable of reproducing high definition movies in their original format of 24 frames per second, exactly as they would be seen in a movie theatre.”

Source: Pioneer website 

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Pioneer 1080p plasma named Product of the Year at CES

EngadgetHD: Pioneer’s Elite Pro-FHD1 (known to us in Europe as the PDP-5000EX) has been crowned the “Product of the Year” according to Sound and Vision Magazine and Ultimate AV.

The firm’s 50-inch, 1080p plasma was deemed a “technological milestone, complete with images that burst off the display for a near 3D effect,” which are pretty strong words considering the smorgasbord of fantastic plasmas alone that came out last year.

The PDP-5000EX was also named as the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA)’s Best HD-Component System in August last year.

Pioneer PDP-5000EX


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Jamo speakers best of the year

The Jamo open-backed R 909 loudspeaker has been named European High-End Loudspeaker Of The Year 2006-2007 by EISA. Says the company:
With the R 909, Jamo’s development engineers have demonstrated what they are capable of delivering, when cost is no object, and only the best components and materials are good enough. The R 909 is among very few speakers that work without a box enclosure, which normally makes it difficult to reproduce low frequencies. So, a pair of high-efficiency 15-inch bass drivers and an ingenious crossover is Jamo’s response to this challenge (…)”

The Jamo R 909 is to be launched in Q4 2005, and would sell for a whopping 11.100 euro. More info to be found on the R909 productpage.
(source: AV Zombie)

Jamo R909

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Pioneer’s winning EISA products

Press Release: Pioneer announces their winning EISA (European Imaging and Sound Association) products.

Three of their products received the title as Europe’s best:

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EISA Awards Announced

And here are the best gadgets in Europe – according to the European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA).

EISA is Europe’s biggest multimedia press organisation. The winners are voted by Editors of the top leading speacialist magazines from 19 countries.

The competition is tough. If this were the Olympics (or Eurovision, if you like) of the Electronics Business, the winning companies would be ( based on the number single products awarded first place):

  • Gold: shared by Samsung and Sony (5 products)
  • Silver: Shared by JVC, LG and Pioneer (3 products)
  • Bronze: Shared by Canon Olympus, Panasonic, Philips (2 products)
  • All the winners are here.

    EISA Awards 2006 - 2007

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