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Philips expands Fidelio range with P8 and P9 portable speakers

Pocket-lint: Philips has unveiled two new portable speakers as part of its Fidelio range at the IFA event in Berlin. The speakers consist of the P8 and P9 Fidelio Portable Speakers, the latter being the higher-end of the two. (more…)

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Philips to debut made for Android music devices at CES

Pocket-Lint: Philips is to debut a new set of Android specific accessories at this year’s CES including headsets, Wi-Fi powered multimedia players and even protective cases.

The company is aiming to be the first ever to offer proper made for Android accessories, as opposed to the iPhone and iPad-centric products. It means owners of handsets like the Galaxy S II and the Motorola RAZR will have a proper set of decent audio products that link up easily with their smartphones. (more…)

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Philips outs three Fidelio docks for Android devices

Electronista: Philips at IFA introduced three new audio docks meant to work with portable Android devices like smartphones and tablets. They are largely Android versions of Philips’ iPod docks, with the same hardware other than the connectors being micro USB instead of Apple’s Dock Connector in this case. The AS111 is the smallest of the three, with the AS351 larger but also made to go mobile thanks to a battery compartment, and the AS851 the largest and offering the best sound. (more…)

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