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Parrot Asteroid Android-powered car stereo hands-on

Engadget: Parrot has been teasing us with its Asteroid head unit for quite some time now, first showing it off at CES way back in January. It’s finally coming to the US in October and we got a chance to try it out in Frankfurt. This Android-powered unit fits into a DIN slot in your car — easily replacing many standard car stereos (and some non-standard ones too). (more…)

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Epson’s tiny GPS receiver will make everything location aware

Engadget: Small, right? That’s Epson’s Infineon XPOSYS chip, its next generation Assisted-GPS device set for mass production in late 2009.

The chip measures just 2.8 x 2.9-mm making it 25% smaller than other A-GPS chips on the market, according to Epson, while consuming half the power.

The sensitivity has also been improved for a more accurate location fix while indoors.

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Navilock Bluetooth mouse / GPS receiver

SlipperyBrick: This is an interesting combination of peripherals if nothing else. A company called Navilock out of Germany who specializes in GPS products has produced a Bluetooth enabled mouse that also acts as a GPS receiver. This is convenient in that if you are looking for a powerful GPS antenna and you are going to be using a mouse anyway, you can now just get them both in one device adding less clutter to your workspace.The BT-451 mouse from Navilock connects to your PC, laptop or other device that supports Bluetooth wirelessly for both the mousing and the GPS. The company boasts that the powerful antenna under your hand will perform better with getting indoor signals than most GPS receivers, and obviously performs well outdoors, too.

The BT-451 is currently available at stores in Europe for about €79.

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GPS receiver for your digital camera: great for location tags

Navigadget: Adding location tags to digital images is still a problem. There are many solutions out there but none really streamline the process.

Here is a solution from Tekom. The GX652 is a 6MP digital camera that accepts location info from GX1, a GPS receiver. The GX1 connects to the GX652 using a standard 3.5mm jack and records where each picture was taken to be later uploaded to Google Earth on your PC.


The GX1 is a 12 channel GPS receiver that uses a 720mAh Li-Ion battery that lasts around 10 hours.

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