gpstuner for iPhone: smartroute


NaviGadget: People at gpstuner must be really happy because their iPhone app got approved and it is already available on iTunes for $5. If you haven’t heard of them yet, these are the guys that make off-road GPS navigation software; now called smartroute on the iPhone. Unlike most other GPS navigation software smartroute provides users with automatically calculated directions for all off-road travel along with the option to manually calculate their routes. The application integrates the iPhone digital compass functionality for accurate positioning once users are on their way. smartroute also lets you download online maps and lets you use store them on your iPhone for offline use. Some other features of this GPS software include 8 different types of online maps from multiple providers, 4 different types of route planning logics, 40 selectable trip computer tools with multiple layout options, various selectable trip computer charts, and even bubble level functionality to assist in slope measurements.

Smartroute works with iPhone 3GS and iPhone 4.

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