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a-JAYS One+ earbuds bring in-line remote, Swedish flair to your smartphone experience

Engadget: JAYS has been dishing out slick looking audio gear for years, but before now it only offered models with inline remotes compatible with iDevices. (more…)

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IFA 2011: AKG launches K3003 luxury in-ear headphones – yours for £1000

What Hi-fi: AKG claims to have made the world’s smallest-ever, true three-way earphones – yours for £1000.

The AKG K3003 earphones are the company’s new flagship in-ear design, aimed at  “the affluent aficionado who wants the best in high technology to enhance their music listening”. (more…)

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Monster launches new iSport headphone line

What Hi-fi: New from Monster is the first in-ear model in its iSport line of headphones, designed for active users and, the company says, ‘the first Monster headphone designed specifically for superior audio performance’.

Selling for £130 when they hit the shops next month, and initially available in black or blue, they’re said to be ‘designed for athletes, joggers, workout enthusiasts and everyone who wants to enjoy enhanced music listening that’s fully in tune with their active lifestyle’. (more…)

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Sony’s washable Sports Walkman MP3 player syncs with iTunes

What Hi-fi: Washable, wire-free and water resistant – that’s how Sony describes its new NWZ-W260 Sports Walkman.

Designed to resist rain and the sweat of a gruelling workout, this latest Walkman is clearly aimed at sporty types.

Available from the end of this month in gloss black and white, the all-in-one design eliminates the tangle of wires and the 13.5mm EX Series earphones come with silicon buds in three different sizes. (more…)

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Klipsch Mode noise-canceling headphones tweet highs, woof lows

Engadget: We’ve been worried about Klipsch’s future since Audiovox joined the picture, but it looks like there isn’t reason to fret just yet. Remember the company’s first on-ear headphones, the Image One? Well, Klippy’s back for round two evidently; its Mode active noise-canceling headphones have quietly popped up on its website with a whopping $350 price tag and a fall 2011 release. (more…)

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Panasonic’s RP-HC700 headphones cancel a whole lotta noise

Engadget: We can’t say they’re the most stylish noise cancelling headphones we’ve ever seen (far from it, actually), but Panasonic’s RP-HC700 sure do cancel out an awful lot of unwanted sine waves. In fact, these retro-inspired cans nix 95 percent of surrounding noise, and they’ll also ship in both black and white hues for somewhat obvious reasons. Other specs include 40mm drivers, a 10Hz to 30kHz frequency range and 15 hours of noise cancelling with a single AAA battery. If you’re into keeping tunes in while keeping — well, everything else — out, you’ll need to free yourself of ¥20,000 ($237) next month.



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JVC HP-DX700 wooden headphone extends human hearing

SlashGear: JVC has released its newest wooden housing finished headphone, HP-DX700, featuring one piece solid wood cabinet to form a cylindrical sound chamber equivalent to a fixed direct driver unit.

The high quality sound output, according to JVC, can be further reduced in vibration and resonance departments with its solid wood enclosure; despite having a infrasound range extended as low as 5hz, and ultrasound range up to 30khz.

The range of hearing for a healthy human being is 20 to 20khz.

The light weight headphone weights in a mere 380g, and comes standard with 24k gold-plated 3.5mm mini plug stereo jack.

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Sony MDR-NC500D headphones offer 99% noise cancellation

Gizmodo: Sony will begin selling headphones on April 21 that use digital technology to cancel roughly 99 per cent of ambient noise.

The MDR-NC500D headphones implement a new DNC software engine, which results in an impressive, 99% external noise cancellation.

With a maximum output of 100mW and a sensibility of 102dB/mW, expect these bad boys to pump some serious sounds.

Weighing in at 195g, they are a little on the heavy side, but if you’re a big traveller, these may be worth a look.



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Sennheiser’s new professional headphone series

Audio Junkies: Just in time for CES, Sennheiser announced yesterday that they are releasing a “Professional” headphone series with three different models of ear-canal/IEM headphones designed for great sound quality in a portable format. The three different models are aimed at different users.

The IE 6 is touted as a set for bass enthusiasts with background noise attenuation of up to 20 dB and a rated frequency response of 10 Hz to 18,000 Hz. The IE 6 comes in silver and black.

The IE 7 is touted as the “neutral” offering from Sennheiser. The IE 7 has a rated frequency response of 10 Hz to 19,000 Hz with up to 20 dB of attenuation. The IE 7 comes in all black decorum.

The IE 8 is rated for 10 Hz to 20,000 Hz with up to 26 dB of attenuation. As a cool add-on, the IE 8 has a small adjustable screw on the outer piece of the headphones that allows you to make small adjustments to low frequency response to suit your needs.

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