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a-JAYS One+ earbuds bring in-line remote, Swedish flair to your smartphone experience

Engadget: JAYS has been dishing out slick looking audio gear for years, but before now it only offered models with inline remotes compatible with iDevices. (more…)

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v-Jays headphones get matt finish and new price

What Hi-fi: Jays has given its v-Jays on-ear headphones a new matt finish and dropped the price tag.

On sale in new packaging alongside the rest of the Jays range as part of a renewed push by the Swedish company, the v-Jays are set to retail for around £60. (more…)

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Jays launches t-JAYS range of earbuds

ipodnn: Sweden-based earphone maker Jays has introduced a new range of earbuds, with thet-JAYS. The three models, called simply One, Two and Three differ by their sound character and included accessories. All share the same 8-gram earphone that contains a dynamic speaker with a 10mm Neodymium element and a detachable 2- or 4.3-foot Kevlar cord. (more…)

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Jays launches its first c-JAYS over-ear headphones

iPodNN: Headphone manufacturer Jays has launched the c-JAYS, its first external headphones with numerous adapters to make them compatible with a variety of popular consumer electronics.

The headphones can otherwise be customized to users’ tastes with three, differently-sized included foam ear cushions. The headphones feature an Elastic Multi Layer (EML), 1.6-inch (40mm) speaker diaphragm for good sound isolation with a Neodymium magnet at their core. The c-JAYS’ sensitivity is rated at 99 dB at 1kHz, while frequency response ranges from 20Hz to 20kHz.

The c-JAYS are also meant to be portable, and feature a folding glass fiber-reinforced nylon construction with extendable arms and two different types of joints.

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