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LG denies plasma TV exit… from UK, anyway

T3: Following the recent story about LG possibly pulling out of the Plasma TV market, T3 spoke to George Mead, the Marketing Manager for Digital Displays at LG Electronics UK – who exclusively told T3 that they have “no intention to withdraw from the Plasma TV market”.

We imagine there must be stiff conversations taking place at LG HQ, with their Vice President commenting this week that “if we cannot draw growth strategy, we would make the decision to withdraw within the year”.

According to George Mead, this isn’t the case. “We appreciate that the global market for Plasma TVs is undergoing some major changes which are, of course, being discussed at LG’s global headquarters. However, LG Electronics UK has no intention to withdraw from the Plasma TV market.”

Going on, he told T3 “we have recently implemented a bespoke strategy to promote and market Plasma TVs here in the UK. The development of new technologies including our THX certification is a strong indication of the growth opportunities for Plasma TVs in the UK market.”

Recent Plasma launches from LG include the LH9000, which features a wireless HDMI connection. It’s possible however that LG could pull out of the Plasma market in the US, whilst remaining in the UK and Europe – much like Philips did last year for both their LCD and Plasma divisions. Still, with so few Plasma manufacturers left (just Panasonic, Samsung and Hitachi), it would be disastrous for the format if LG decides to take the difficult decision to bow out of the market.

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LG to ditch plasma, too?

EngadgetHD: Man, plasma’s headed downhill — and fast. Hot on the heels of both Pioneer and VIZIO tendering their resignation in the plasma market, LG’s vice president Lee Gyu-hong has reportedly stated that his company is currently pondering its own future in the sector.

Should LG pull out, just Panasonic and Hitachi will be left holding down the PDP fort. Purportedly, LG’s plasma business is deteriorating in terms of profitability, and the VP stated that future cost savings were practically impossible.

At this point (and after coming clean like this), it’d be sort of crazy for LG not to drop out, but what’s even crazier is going from five major plasma makers to two within the course of two months. Yikes.

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LG shows off new LCDs with Bluetooth support

Akihabara News: LG in Korea announced this morning 2 new LCDS from the Xcanvas LH70 Series with a 47” (40.9mm thick) and 42” (39.7mm thick).

Both LCDs feature a nice 10 000:1 contrast ratio with a 120Hz panel (2ms), LG’s Color Decanting and EYEQ Green.

Now the most interesting features on these LCDs are their Bluetooth support, enabling you to not only connect a Bluetooth headphone to your TV, but also your mobile phone or PC to stream both Video and Photo directly to it.

On top of this our TVs also features a USB port letting you plug an external HDD in order to play any video stores in it… Even though there are no details on the LCDs supported Codec.

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LG XCanvas takes on Panasonic for green TV

Electricpig: LG has unveiled its XCanvas range of green LCD TVs, and they’re nothing short of stunning. LG’s new XCanvas range comes in 47″, 42″ and 32″ models, but the piano black finish isn’t what’s got us excited about these new HDTVs.

LG’s included a 4 step power saving option into it: minium sleep, intermediate sleep, hibernate and screen off, saving the planet and digits on your electricity bill.

Cinema Colour technology is included across the range for top picture quality, and while they’re not as thin as Panasonic’s power saving Neo PDP Eco TV we saw at CES last month, we suspect they might be slightly more affordable.

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LG Blu-ray BD370 to ship early than expected?

SlashGear: LG Electronics dished out a pair of “connected” Blu-ray players, LG BD370 and LG BD390, at CES 2009 with estimated shipping date of Q2 and Q3 respectively, but decent debut in Japan with imminent release suggests US buyers may get their hands-on early than expected.

Both BD370 and BD390 feature LG’s “NetCast Entertainment Access” with ability to stream online video contents from CinemaNow, YouTube to the growing collection of HD streaming titles from Netflix.

The former appears little changed from current BD300 model while the latter offers better performance with a host of upgrades from a built-in WiFi, 1G of onboard permanent memory and 7.1-channel analogue outputs.

There is no information on a European launch date yet.

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Hollywood reinvents 3D cinema

HD News: With over a dozen films in the format scheduled for a 2009 release Hollywood has once again embraced the concept of  3D cinema.

Last year, DreamWorks Animation SKG announced that all of its forthcoming films would be made and released in 3D, starting with Monsters vs. Aliens, due for release this March.

In the UK ‘Fly Me To The Moon 3D’ at the BFI London IMAX last October heralded a new three-dimensional era in digital cinema. The 3D effect that we all expect is still there but new technology is obviously having an impact with a more complete textural feel.

This time round the big Hollywood studios believe that new technology will create a totally different experience to the early days of 3D. New techniques such as parallel camera modeling create a complete 3D vista which is far superior to 3D films of the past where objects occasionally ‘loomed’ out from the screen. Although special glasses will still need to be worn, headaches will be a thing of the past.

In tandem with Hollywood studio’s renewed interest in 3D and anticipating a growing demand for 3D entertainment, the likes of Philips, Sony, Panasonic, LG and Samsung are all developing 3D capable flatscreens.

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LG launches BD370 blu-ray player with video on demand by YouTube and BD Live

HiddenWires: LG Electronics launches the LG BD370, the first Blu-ray player to feature video on demand powered by YouTube combined with BD Live (BD-ROM Profile 2.0).

Encased in a slim and classic design, the player features enhanced picture and sound quality, with 1080p Full HD resolution via HDMI connection.

Dolby True HD and DTS-HD are also incorporated for high bit-rate audio functionality. Additionally, LG’s SIMPLINK connectivity allows users to operate all functions with a single remote control, while a USB memory stick can be connected via the USB port for expanded memory capacity. The unit is compatible with MPEG4 video, JPEG, MP3, and WMA file formats.

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LG plan extensive LCD TV range for 2009

HD News: With eight new lines, the Korean electronics giant LG is set to be the most prolific LCD manufacturer for 2009, in terms of choice at least.

With just about something for everyone LG will introduce small 19in and 22in budget LCD TV’s for the bedroom right up to a cutting edge 55in panel offering cutting edge technology such as LED backlighting.

Amongst a huge range of LCD TV’s for 2009, LG’s high end LH9500 gets wireless streaming capability and LED backlighting. LG use a brand new AV box to stream wireless content to their new screen while the Korean manufacturer says that LED backlighting contributes to a claimed 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

The 55in LH9500 comes in at an svelte like 24.8mm and also features TruMotion 200 Hz, Intelligent Sensor for picture optimisation and energy saving.

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LG busts into the ultraslim DVD gala

CrunchGear: Samsung dropped the swanky BD-P4600 Blu-ray player at CES and now it has some company – and competition – from LG.

While the DV4S and DV4M are not Blu-ray players like the Samsung counterpart, the two models still hold their own with different functions and features.

The DV4S is geared towards the AV crowd with DivX HD video support.

The DV4M is marketed towards the CD collector with the ability to convert CDs to MP3s for local or USB storage. No word on price or availability yet.

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LG PS8000 Plasma gets 600Hz ‘Smooth Motion’

HD News: LG’s flagship PS8000 Plasma series for 2009 includes technology for smoother more natural frame-to-frame transitions, 600Hz ‘Smooth Motion’.

600Hz ‘Smooth Motion’ increases the rate at which the plasma pixels refresh to improve High Definition motion tracking. It is worth noting that the figure is not directly comparable to an LCD refresh rate.

The 50in and 60in panels also come with THX certification. THX display certification has been designed to set a benchmark for flat panel display performance, driving quality in manufacturing and helping consumers to simplify their buying decisions.

The PS8000 series will feature “THX Media Director” which has been designed to simplify operation and ensuring optimised settings.

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Panasonic, LG bet boldly on flatscreen TV growth

Video Imaging DesignLine: Japanese electronics maker Panasonic said it aims to boost sales of flatscreen TVs by 50 percent, joining rival LG Electronics Inc in setting bold growth targets in a slowing market.

The world’s largest plasma TV maker said last Friday it aims to sell 15.5 million plasma and liquid crystal display (LCD) TVs in the year starting in April, up from estimated 2008/09 sales of 10.3 million as it increases product line-ups and expandS sales channels.

The target, set in tandem with plans to cut investments on two new flat-screen TV plants, would put Panasonic well ahead of estimated market growth if achieved.

It echoed ambitious projections earlier on Friday from LG, which said it aims to raise its LCD TV sales, where it ranks third in the world, by 50 percent to 18 million sets this year and its plasma TV sales by 7 to 25 percent to between 3 and 3.5 million.

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High End LG LH9500 LCD TV goes Wireless

HD News: Amongst a huge range of LCD TV’s for 2009, LG’s high end LH9500 gets wireless streaming capability and LED backlighting.

LG use a brand new AV box to stream wireless content to their new screen while the Korean manufacturer says that LED backlighting contributes to a claimed 2,000,000:1 contrast ratio.

The 55in LH9500 comes in at an svelte like 24.8mm and is incredibly stylish even for LG who have recently employed a Milan based studio for the look of some their flat panel TV’s.

Also featuring HD DivX, the LH9500 lets you view HD movies via USB. Elsewhere there is TruMotion 200 Hz, Intelligent Sensor for picture optimisation and energy saving, ISFccc Calibration capability along with 4 HDMI inputs.

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