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Nokia buys Symbian, turns software over to Symbian Foundation

Engadget: Nokia’s been in bed with Symbian for many, many years through the development of its S60 platform — the world’s most populous smartphone platform — and they’re taking that relationship to its endgame by announcing that they’ll be acquiring the remaining shares of Symbian that they don’t already own.

Here’s where it gets interesting, though: rather than taking Symbian’s intellectual private for Nokia’s own benefit, the goods will be turned over to the Symbian Foundation, a nonprofit whose sole goal will be the advancement of the Symbian platform in its many flavors.

Motorola and Sony Ericsson have signed up to contribute UIQ assets, while NTT DoCoMo (which uses Symbian-based wares in a number of its phones) will be donating code as well.

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New Nokia phones targeted at enterprises

Computerworld: Nokia has expanded its family of enterprise phones with the introduction of its E71 and E66 models, which come at a time when Apple, Research In Motion and Microsoft are trying their best to attract enterprise customers.

The specs are very similar; both phones are equipped with support for HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) at 3.6Mbit/sec, wireless LAN capability, navigation using A-GPS (Assisted Global Positioning System) and a 3.2-megapixel camera with autofocus.

They are optimized for personal and business e-mail, according to Nokia. Customers can choose among a wide variety of enterprise platforms, including Exchange and Nokia’s own Intellisync, as well as more consumer-focused services such as Gmail, Yahoo Mail and Hotmail.

For Nokia, the launch is a bit of a comeback in the enterprise market. It has been nine months since the company launched the last model in the “E” family, said Leif-Olof Wallin, an analyst at Gartner Inc.

“That is a long time in this business, and we believe Nokia was slowed down by a reorganization,” said Wallin. He praised the latest additions to Nokia’s portfolio, especially the E71, which will replace the E61i. “It has a really good keyboard and is very slim,” he said.

But it’s not the design that will be Nokia’s greatest asset when competing for enterprise dollars. Instead, built-in hardware support for encryption and the ability to switch between personal and work e-mail at the push of a button will make it possible for the company to one-up competitors, said Wallin.

“I would have liked to see Nokia taking the switching between personal and work even further, and including not only e-mail, but calendar and contacts as well. But what we are seeing now is only Version 1.0,” he said.

The encryption of both the device memory and the memory card will help companies protect their phones without losing performance, and the built-in chip can also be used to store certificates and keys.

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Nokia to bring new E-series phones to market

Yahoo News: Nokia, the world’s largest cellphone maker, is set to start selling a group of E-series enterprise handsets and the top-of-the-range N96 multimedia device, a senior executive said on Monday.

“We will in the third quarter bring to the market the N96 we have launched and a group of E-series multimedia computers that will be sure to have a strong stamp on where this market is going,” Anssi Vanjoki, senior executive vice president of Nokia Markets, told Reuters on Monday.

Nokia declined to comment on the models, but industry sources said the company is set to come out next week with new E66 and E71 models. They are both expected to feature GPS, a 3.2 megapixel camera and 128 megabytes of memory.

Nokia unveiled the N96 in February and it is seen as the successor to its top profit generator, the N95. It will come with 16 gigabytes of internal memory and is expected to retail around 550 euros, excluding subsidies and taxes.

“The N96 that we have introduced … we believe this will be a significant product to the group who define the tone where the market is going,” Vanjoki said. “Preorders for it are encouraging.”

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New iPhone should boost multimedia handsets: Nokia

Reuters: Nokia, the world’s largest cellphone maker, sees a new 3G version of Apple’s iPhone boosting sales of multimedia handsets.

Senior Vice President of Nokia Markets, Anssi Vanjoki, said technological convergence, where consumer electronics, information technology and various internet services are integrating into one platform was happening fast, even as some economies slowed.

A new iPhone would further emphasize that, bringing more traffic, coverage and users to telecom operators’ 3G services.

“Convergence will strengthen through such a significant company such as Apple coming to that field,” Vanjoki said.

“From the perspective of operator business this is an extremely good issue.”Vanjoki said Nokia has estimated the market this year for multimedia handsets, or what it calls converged devices, to be 180 million units. 

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Apple clinches No. 3 spot in global smartphone market, Nokia easily No. 1

IntoMobile: With the highly-anticipate and quite polarizing Apple iPhone on the verge of making its second-generation debut this week, a new research report from Gartner has surfaced. The report puts Apple, with just a single iPhone model to boast of, in the No. 3 spot among global smartphone vendors for Q1 2008. Cupertino took broke into the “Top 3″ in the smartphone market with 1.7 million iPhones sold since it’s debut last year.

Nokia took an astounding 45.2% (14.58 million units) of global smartphone sales, with RIM, makers of the ever-popular push-emailing BlackBerry lineup, garnering 13.4% (4.31 million units) of all smartphone sales.

Compared to the same period last year, smartphone sales grew 29%, with 32.2 million smartphones sold in the first quarter. The growing market didn’t just help Apple, Nokia saw a 25.3% growth in smartphone sales in Q1. But, the most remarkable growth numbers belong to RIM – the BlackBerry maker increased smartphone sales by 107.3%.

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Western European handset sales dive in Q1

Forbes: Cellphone sales in Western Europe fell sharply in January-March as the economic slowdown hurt demand, but robust growth in emerging markets such as Asia and Africa more than offset the fall, Gartner said on Wednesday.

The 16.4 percent fall in Western European sales — the first decline since the research firm started tracking the market in 2001 — hit Sony Ericsson hardest as its range has the highest proportion of pricier handsets in Europe.

The cellphone industry has been speculating about the scale of declines in European sales since Sony Ericsson shocked the market with March’s profit warning due to soft European demand. European market leader Nokia said its sales volume in Europe rose 7.5 percent in January-March, but cited possible economic slowdown in Europe as one of the reasons for cutting its market growth forecast.

Nokia is less exposed to European demand as it has a far stronger position in emerging markets.

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Nokia Maps 2.0 available for download

Huliq: Nokia has announced that Nokia Maps 2.0 are finally available for download.

Among new features users will have new enhanced Car Navigation with voice navigation, special pedestrian navigation, multimedia city guides, satellite images with extended maps database for over 200 countries and redesigned user interface. Get your own Nokia Maps 2.0 from maps.nokia.com.

See the world in a new way with Nokia Maps. With downloadable maps for more than 200 countries, and millions of points of interest to be discovered, there are treasures to be found and shared.

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Nokia fans’ fury at N-Gage game restrictions

Telegraph: Users of Nokia’s N-Gage mobile gaming platform have reacted angrily after discovering that the games they have bought to play on their mobile phones will be rendered unplayable if they upgrade to a new handset.

The games are ‘locked’ to the individual mobile phone, rather than simply being tied to an individual’s user account. It means if they swap their current device for another N-Gage-compatible Nokia handset, their library of games won’t transfer with them. Instead, they will have to purchase the games again if they want to continue playing them.

The story first broke on the All About N-Gage fan site, and gamers have been quick to vent their frustration. One user, Kazutoyo, said “the N-gage suddenly got a lot less attractive to me”, while another, Krisse, agreed and said: “The platform has so much potential, and this policy just ruins it”.

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Nokia: over 300 million GPS phones in 2011?

GPS Business News: In an interview with Michael Halbherr, the head of Nokia’s location-based services, Reuters revealed last week Nokia expects to sell half of its mobile phone with GPS by 2010 or 2012. This year alone, Nokia expects to sell 35 millions of these phones.

If the global market for cell phone continues to rise at 10% a year, and Nokia maintains a 40% market share, the Finnish company could probably sell over 300 million GPS-enabled cell phones in 2011.

Additionally Michael Halbherr stated that many of Nokia’s non-GPS cell phones will be equipped with cell-id or Wi-Fi positioning technologies.

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Phone-wallets still years away

Reuters: The new technology which enables small payments from mobile phones by just flashing the handset is likely to reach masses only around 2012, when one phone from five sold will be equipped with the technology.Consumers will be able to use a phone as a wallet or as an access card simply by waving it over a wireless reader — and in some cases punching a PIN number into the phone — similar to how travelers in Tokyo and London access public transport.

The technology is ready and Nokia has introduced four products using it so far — but the limited offering and high costs are hampering the take-up, which could help transport firms to cut costs and cellphone makers to support prices.

“When the 20 percent level is reached it starts to feed itself. That is the critical point,” Jukka Suikkanen, R&D manager at top Nordic telecom operator TeliaSonera, told an industry seminar in Helsinki.

Research firms Strategy Analytics and ABI Research have forecast the 20 percent penetration would be reached in 2012.

Mikko Saarisalo, a technology manager at the world’s top cellphone maker Nokia, declined to comment on the outlook for the technology, but said 30 percent of phones enabled text messaging (SMS) before it took off. (…)
Nokia’s 6131 model sells for 139 euros in Finland, but for the NFC version of the same phone retailers are asking up to 100 euros more.

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Nokia sees half of cell phones with GPS in 2010-12

I4U: Nokia plans to add navigation to half of the phones it sells within a few years to find new revenue streams amid decreasing handset prices, a senior official at the world’s top cellphone maker said.

Michael Halbherr, the head of Nokia’s location-based activities, told Reuters he remains comfortable with Nokia’s year-old goal for seeing up to 50 percent of its phones equipped with global positioning system (GPS) chips in 2010 to 2012.

“We are planning to ship 35 million GPS units this year,” Halbherr said, adding “and many more location-enabled phones that use cell-towers to orient themselves on the map.”

“You will see few ‘E’ or ‘N’ Series phones without GPS,” he said.

Nokia Navigator
Last year Nokia sold 437 million phones, and it expects the volume to grow more than 10 percent this year. It sold 38 million phones in its multimedia range “N Series” and some 7 million “E Series” business phones.

GPS chips use orbiting satellites to pinpoint the whereabouts of a phone user, thereby enabling a host of location-based services. SiRF Technology Holdings Inc is the world’s largest maker of GPS chips. (…)

Read the full article at I4U.

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Nokia N-Gage: good enough to ditch your PSP?

T3: In its previous incarnation Nokia’s N-Gage was a handheld, but now it’s back as a mobile games service, where you can download games on the move and play online. Sounds good?

It is if you’ve got an N81, N81 8GB, N82, N95 and N95 8GB which allows you to download the service, and its even better on the new 5320 Xpress Music which come with the application pre installed. Rubbish, if you’ve got any other Nokia blower as it’s not compatible.

If you are one of the chosen few to get the “Gage” the choice of games isn’t bad. Fife 08, Asphalt 3: Street Rules and World Series of Poker are available now, with Tetris, The Sims, Dogz, Crash Bandicote and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, promised soon. You can bag these from Glu, EA, THQ Wireless and Gameloft but a hefty price of £8. Cheeky.Use is unlimited though, and you can try every game for free. Unfortunately if you change your handset, you lose the game, which sucks if it’s close to upgrade time.

When it comes to playing the games there’s no comparison to a DS Lite or PSP. On a N81′s 2.4in screen, it’s still enjoyable but ramp the complexity up and things become trickier; we’d have preferred a few more inches of pitch in FIFA 08. The headphone connection gets in the way as well, so a Bluetooth stereo headset is essential.

The N-Gage Arena Community is pretty impressive. You can chat and play with other gamers and take part in mass online tournaments. Just make sure you check your network charges first. You can get your competition juices flowing; the more you play, the more points you score and the better your ranking.

If you’ve got a compatible handset and access to WiFi, N-Gage lets you play alone (or with others) in the bath, on a train, or even up a mountain. But we’re not totally convinced. At £8 a pop, games are pricey and really need to check with network download costs. If handset and game choice improve, N-Gage could be a winner, but we’ll stick with our handhold for now.

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