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Panasonic joins 3D Blu-ray club

TechRadar: Panasonic is the latest AV heavyweight to throw its might behind 3D Blu-ray content with the creation of the Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory Advanced Authoring Center (PHL-AC), which will begin operations from February 1.

Located within the existing Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory (PHL) in Universal City, California, the new facility has been developed to accelerate and establish the 3D Full HD Blu-ray format, and work directly with Hollywood studios to provide 3D development services for Blu-ray titles.

PHL-AC will feature a Plasma Full HD home theatre system, a 3D-ready digital cinema projector (Theatrical Dolby 3D system) with a 380in screen for picture evaluation and a 3D-ready MPEG-4 AVC High Profile encoder.

“Panasonic recognizes that for 3D Full HD to succeed, just like Blu-ray, collaboration on research, development and production with studios and content providers is absolutely essential” said Eisuke Tsuyuzaki, managing director of Panasonic Hollywood Laboratory.

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Panasonic, Dolby fight to land 3D Blu-ray standard

The HDRoom: Earlier this week, news broke that Dolby Laboratories is pushing its 3-D Blu-ray Disc technology with content providers in hopes of scoring the prized industry standard when Blu-ray in 3D debuts. Dolby’s standard would utilize existing Blu-ray players, 3-D equipped TVs and glasses with specs determined by TV manufacturers.Today, an article in The Nikkei Japanese newspaper today is reporting Panasonic will be unveiling their 3-D Blu-ray technology, that would be built into software and hardware, at CES this week. It would utilize special glasses viewing alternating left-and-right eye images at 120fps to achieve a 3-D effect on-par with what you’d find in the movie theater today.

These two proposed standards likely won’t be the last. The future of home entertainment, for both movies and videogame consoles like the next iterations of Xbox 360 and PS3, is pointing more and more towards 3-D with each passing day.

The fear many, including us, don’t want to face is another “format” war like HD DVD and Blu-ray where multiple 3-D standards are released to the marketplace. One war slowed the adoption of Blu-ray already. In this economy, the clearer options are to consumers, the better.

If a standard can be adopted relatively soon and manufacturing gets underway with relatively little issue, the first 3-D Blu-ray hardware, software and TVs are expected to hit the marketplace in mid-to-late 2010

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Panasonic buying controlling Sanyo stake

TrustedReviews: We already heard the rumours that Panasonic was set to buy Sanyo.

Then confirmation was supposed to come on the 7th so it’s a couple of days late but, as predicted, the deal is indeed going through.

The deal will cost Panasonic in the region of ¥560 billion which is a lot of money, especially in this current financial market.

In return for that investment Panasonic gains some 70 per cent of Sanyo’s shares, giving it pretty conclusive control of the company.

The combined force will comprise Japan’s largest electronics maker, which is pretty impressive.

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Panasonic, Harman drop GPS lines

Electronic House: For a while there, it was easy to get lost in the GPS market. Now the smoke seems to be clearing just a bit. Hot on the heels of Magellan’s announcement, both Panasonic and Harman/Kardon say they are also getting out of the portable GPS market.

Harman introduced the Becker earlier this year. Also, Panasonic will keep its Strada in-dash navigation line, says Twice. The economy has been cited in both decisions.

Earlier this week, Magellan announced it would sell its consumer line to Mitac, the makers of Mio. Audiovox, JVC and Cobra are a few of the others that recently got out of the GPS market. 

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More than 40 plasma screens get Energy Star

TWICE: The Plasma Display Coalition (PDC), a multi-company body promoting sales of plasma display technology, released the model numbers of 43 flat-panel plasma TV sets that qualified for new tighter Energy Star power-consumption standards.

Under the new system, the PDC said, “it’s now possible to replace an old big-screen color TV picture tube television with a slim profile, widescreen plasma HDTV that actually consumes less energy than the TV screen it replaces.”

Members of the coalition include: Hitachi, LG Electronics, Panasonic and Pioneer, each of which offers models that were among the 43 plasma TVs introduced by its member companies in the last nine months that have earned the new Energy Star rating and have been placed on the EPA official roster of qualifying HDTV sets.

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TV prices to soar in the UK in 2009 as a result of the plummeting pound

HEXUS.lifestyle: Despite current high-street prices dropping dramatically in an effort to entice customers ahead of the Christmas season, retailers may soon face further gloom as Asia’s biggest TV manufacturers plan to raise prices.

Sony, one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of consumer TVs, has stated that the plummeting value of the pound against the yen has left it unable to maintain current pricing. In a statement regarding forthcoming price increases, it announced last month that “it is likely that the vast majority of products affected will see increases of less than 33 per cent” and added that “Sony does not believe that it will be alone in taking this form of action”.

Following on from Sony’s announcement, Sharp yesterday announced plans for a 10 per cent price increase and other big-name Asian brands such as Panasonic and Samsung are expected to follow suit.

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Panasonic does U-turn on Euro Satnav business

SlashGear: Panasonic are withdrawing from the European satnav business, after drastically falling prices have made it economically unfeasible. 

While no official release has been made, UK site The Register is reporting that Panasonic will now instead focus on in-car entertainment hardware that will be marketed at car manufacturers rather than individual end-users.

The standalone satnav business has been highly competitive in Europe, particularly over the past twelve months, with some highstreet retailers halving prices of their entire range in the run-up to the holidays. The proliferation of OEM devices, plus the absence of key differentiation features between models, has resulted in an unstoppable race to the bottom line.

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Panasonic to launch two new full HD VIERA plasma TVs

HDTV UK: Panasonic has announced that its TH-65VX100 and TH-50VX100 (65- and 50-inch, respectively) VIERA plasma TVs will be arriving in the UK from January.

According to the press release, there’s new-generation plasma technology on board including a “Dynamic Black Layer” positioned at the front end of the panel which is supposed to reduce the amount of predischarge to one-sixth that of conventional models.

In English, this means that the contrast ratio is a self-proclaimed 60,000:1, offering deeper, richer blacks and expanding the colour gamut.

Also on board is an 18-bit digital signal processor, “Digital Colour Reality” technology for fine gradation from light to dark.

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Panasonic puts forth proposal for 3D standard on Blu-ray Disc

Engadget: For those of you plugging your ears whilst humming along in hopes of this whole 3D revolution fading away, we’ve got a rude awakening headed your way.

Just days after hearing that the HDMI specification could be updated to better handle stereoscopic 3D content, along comes word that Panasonic has submitted a proposal to the Blu-ray Disc Association (BDA) for an official BD standard to store 3D imagery formed of “left / right-eye two-channel Full HD images.”

Panny reportedly made the move early in order avoid a format war.

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LCD TV makers in dire straits as profits wilt

Techradar: Barely three months ago, we were talking of booming times for flat-panel TV makers as competition drove sales relentlessly upwards, yet now a consumer-spending slump is combining with legal wrangles to paint a very different picture.

Japan’s Sharp joined several other manufacturers at the weekend in reducing the number of LCD panels it will make in the coming months.

Its production cut of at least 10 per cent puts it in line with Panasonic, Samsung, LG and AU Optronics (AUO), which have already trimmed their projections amid the sudden sales downturn.

To make matters worse, authorities in Japan, the US and EU are also investigating many of the same companies, accusing them of price-fixing in their TV businesses between 2001 and 2006.

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Small Flat Panel LCD TV’s come of age

HD News: Those of you who are in the market for a sub 21in LCD TV can now expect products which sport all of the technological wizardry with which manufacturers endow their larger premium models. Consumers should now expect more than just the one HDMI input from a small screen and should also be looking for the latest incarnation of a manufacturers picture processing engine along with an ‘HD Ready’ resolution.

Panasonic’s TX-19LXD8 is typical of a highly specified new breed of small flat panel TV’s. Although a 1680 x 1050 gives away its computer monitor heritage, this panel has 2 HDMI inputs, it can accept a 1080p source and comes equipped with Panasonic’s Viera 3 picture processing technology.

LG’s 19LG3000 also sports 2 HDMI inputs along with an HD Ready (1440 x 900) resolution. The picture processing heart of this panel is one of the latest incarnation’s of LG respected picture processing technology, XD Engine.

Samsung’s stylish LE19A656 sports the Korean manufacturer’s highly regarded DNIe picture processing technology.

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Panasonic confirms buying Sanyo

Electronista: Panasonic friday said it would buy fellow Japanese electronics maker Sanyo. The deal will make Panasonic the single largest company of its type in Japan and is described as a move to secure Sanyo’s well-known battery business, which includes lithium-ion batteries for cellphones, notebooks, portable media players and other devices as well as its automotive, eneloop, and solar power technology.

Neither company has named the terms of the tentative deal, which would create significant overlap in products and research. Most observers believe Panasonic is likely to scale back, sell or shut down significant components of Sanyo that most closely resemble Panasonic’s own business.

A completed deal would heat up competition in Japan, where Panasonic has had to compete with not just Sanyo but also Hitachi, JVC-Victor, Sony, Toshiba and many other firms involved in frequently identical business.

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