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Parrot Asteroid Android-powered car stereo hands-on

Engadget: Parrot has been teasing us with its Asteroid head unit for quite some time now, first showing it off at CES way back in January. It’s finally coming to the US in October and we got a chance to try it out in Frankfurt. This Android-powered unit fits into a DIN slot in your car — easily replacing many standard car stereos (and some non-standard ones too). (more…)

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Parrot announces Minikit Smart Bluetooth car kit


Car Tech/Cnet: Parrot, makers of the previously reviewed and highly rated Minikit Slim Bluetooth speakerphone, has just announced the latest in its line of hands-free car kits, the Parrot Minikit Smart. However, the Smart has a trick up its sleeve. It’s not just a speakerphone, it’s also a universal phone cradle and a USB charger.

The Minikit Smart attaches to the vehicle’s windshield with a suction cup and connects to any handset that supports Bluetooth wireless, acting as an external speaker and microphone for for hands-free calling. If it sounds anything like the Minikit Slim, we’re sure that call quality will be quite good. Thanks to support of PBAP, the unit will sync address books when paired with compatible phones for easy access via voice activated dialing. Up to 2,000 contacts can be synced per phone, and up to 10 phones can be saved in the unit’s memory.

A2DP audio streaming is also supported, so users are able to stream music through the Smart’s loudspeaker. However, this feature is most handy when used in conjunction with, for example, navigation apps, where the boosted audio output can help users to hear critical turn-by-turn directions over road noise.

Like most Bluetooth speakerphones we’ve tested, the Minikit Smart features a rechargeable battery–this one boasts 10 hours of talk time or a week of standby–but can also be powered by its included 12-volt car charger. The Smart also features a powered USB port for connecting and charging your handset of choice and even ships with three 3-inch pigtails for connecting phones that use Mini-USB, Micro-USB, or Apple 30-pin dock connectors.

Parrot Minikit Smart will be available in November 2010 at an MSRP of $129.99 through BestBuy.com, Crutchfield.com, 6th Avenue Electronics, Car Toys Al & Ed’s, ABT Electronics, Car Toys, Fry’s Electronics, Bell Canada and ParrotShopping.com.

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Parrot by Starck Zikmu WiFi & Bluetooth speakers with iPod dock

SlashGear: Parrot have teamed up with designer Philippe Starck to create a new set of wireless speakers. 

Called Zikmu, the speakers incorporate an iPod/iPhone dock together with WiFi and Bluetooth.

The latter is used both to stream audio from mobile devices such as cellphones using A2DP, and to connect the two speaker columns themselves together.

Zikmu uses NXT flat panel technology, rather than traditional speaker cones, and as such doesn’t create a so-called “sweet spot” for the music. 

As well as playing music locally from your PMP, they can also stream it across a WiFi network. 

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Parrot serves up Specchio near-field photo frame

Electricpig: Near-field communication hasn’t become mainstream just yet, but the latest digital photo frame from Parrot might go some way towards increasing its popularity – hold your NFC-equipped phone next to it and your snaps will transfer over automatically. No wires!

NFC is the tech behind Oyster cards on the London Underground, and because it doesn’t require Bluetooth-style pairing or any fiddling with Wi-Fi networking, it’s ultra-simple. The downside is barely any gadgets are equipped to use it just yet – it’s just too new.

Nokia’s 6212 Classic is the best-known NFC phone around at the moment, but more are certain to follow in the not-too-distant future – and then we’d expect to see devices like the Specchio become much more widespread.

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Parrot launches first NFC speaker system

Absolute Gadget: Bored of Bluetooth? Weary of wires? Now you can sync your phone with your wireless speakers just by touching it. That’s the idea behind the Parrot Party Black Edition- the first speaker system to use Near Field Communication. Rather than having to navigate through Bluetooth menus, which can take a while, the Parrot Party Black Edition can play music from your phone simply by touching it to the speaker using NFC.

NFC works in a similar way to how Londoners use Oyster cards to travel on the tube network where touching the card on a pad registers the users travel fare.

The technology is already used widely in Japan where shoppers can pay for items simply by swiping away at an NFC-enabled surface.

The speakers come dressed in glossy black and feature what Parrot calls “stereo widening” and “virtual superbass” for the best sound and bass frequencies.

It also includes a built-in Class-D amplifier and two drivers, with a total power output of 6W. To broaden its use, the device is also compatible with existing Bluetooth MP3 players, phones, PC’s and Macs.

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Parrot car kits let iPhone users make hands-free calls from their car, home or…

Reuters: Parrot, a leader in wireless peripherals around the mobile phone, today announced that iPhone users can now enjoy the advantages of Parrot’s Bluetooth hands-free car kits. iPhone users will enjoy crystal clear conversations directly through their car speakers in hi-fi quality audio with an installed Parrot car kit or music kit, both which allow drivers to keep their hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.

The iPhone also supports the same automatic synchronization of contacts available in all Parrot’s car kits. iPhone users can also go hands-free in their home or office (or car) with the Parrot MINIKIT, a sleek portable hands-free speakerphone that fits easily in a pocket or on a desk.

The latest software that allows iPhone usage with the Parrot MINIKIT is available at www.parrot.com where free software updates for all Parrot car kits can be downloaded.

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Parrot’s no-nonsense plug-and-play car kit

Engadget: It’s simple, no-fuss and easy.  And althought it’s in the USA, here’s Parrot’s newest Bluetooth carkit.  The PMK5800 consists of a single part which plugs directly into your car’s 12V accessory socket or cigarette lighter.

Using a built in FM transmitter, the set will stream tunes via A2DP from your handset or your voice calls to your car’s stereo deck to give you that auto-filling sound you love.

Parrot's PMK5800

When the phone rings, just hitting the FM preset you configure for the PMK5800 will automatically answer it and mute your music.

While not an embedded kit, it packs all the goodies you would expect like DSP, echo and noise cancellation, full duplex sound, and voice recognition all in something that can go from car to car without effort.


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Hot trend: stereo bluetooth car kits

Wired: At a CES preview event the other night, where companies showed off some of the stuff they’ll be unveiling next year, I noticed one product that doesn’t sound too sexy initially, but could become a hot trend in coming years: a car kit that can be used to add Bluetooth A2DP to your car stereo, called the Parrot MK6000 ($240, about 185 euro).

Parrot MK6000


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