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Touchtable mixer takes conventional PMP design for a wiki-wiki-twist

Engadget: Not that we haven’t seen turntable capabilities shoved into production and concept devices alike before, but there’s something curiously seductive about this one.

Dreamed up by Sir Thomas Mascall, the Touchtable is a pocket-sized PMP that boasts a digit-friendly surface meant for scratching, mixing and all manners of interacting.

Aside from playing back your favorite MP3s, this bugger can (in theory, anyway) also mix jams on the fly, cue outputs and even connect with a second Touchtable wirelessly in order to establish a more traditional DJ setup (at 1:8 scale).

Plug it into a PC, and now you’ve got a MIDI controller. Pop that source link if you’re looking for a few more images and details, and feel free to contact your local VC if interested in seeing this fast-tracked to the commercial realm.

PMP mixer

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Aiptek creates funky mini projector / PMP hybrid

Trusted Reviews: Aiptek has decided to step into the mini projector market and show us how its done…

So following on the likes of the Pico Projector and Microvision SHOW plus numerous other concept models such as the 1.3cm 3M and Foxconn prototype is the ‘Pocket Cinema V10′ which breaks away from the pack with an integrated media player.

Raw facts are it measures just 125 x 55 x 23mm yet projects a 42in screen from just 21cm at VGA resolution and comes with tripod and remote control bundled.

Connections are via AV-out too so it will play nice with everything from iPods to DV, DSC, games consoles or mobile phones while an SD/MMC memory card slot allows it to display pictures or playback audio and video.  

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Digital Cube i-Station T5 PMP is announced

SlashGear: It looks like we have another i-Station on our hands. Digital Cube just seems to be cranking them out right and left. This latest i-Station is the T5 and it is quite an interesting PMP.

The i-Station T5 features a 4.8-inch WVGA display with a 800 x 480 resolution. It also includes HSDPA built in and a T-DMB TV tuner as well as a FM module.

A SDHC card slot is included, allowing for great memory expansion. 8GB or 16GB of internal storage is also available.

An e-dictionary is included and the 3D user interface makes sorting through the menus and options a much more interactive and pleasant experience. We still don’t have any information about pricing or when we can expect this PMP to it shelves, but it is expected to be released in South Korea first.

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Dane-Elec PMPs out of the woodwork

PMP Today: Being a distributor of the successful Meizu M6, Dane-Elec have decided to make their own. The first three Dane-Elec PMPs and an MP3 lanyard player are named accordingly to their media strengths. They are the Music Mediatouch, the Music Touch, Music Pix and the Music.

The Music Mediatouch (pictured) has an FM tuner and TV out. Among the Dane-Elec PMPs, the Music mediatouch has one of the best media file support: AVI, RMVB, WAV, ADPCM, MP3, WMA, WAV, APE, FLAC, JPG, GIF, BMP. It’s available in 4GB and 8GB versions with the 8GB going for 150 euros.

The Music touch is a 2.9-inch player that seems to be tactile controlled and not touch controlled. It does have a 1.3MP camera though attached as well as FM tuner.

The Music pix is a 2.4 (320 x 240)-inch PMP with support for MP3, WMA, WAV, ADPCM, JPG, BMP, MTV. The music – supports WMA and MP3 and comes in a 2GB version.

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Kenwood introduces two Media Keg PMPs, mini-system

Electronista: Kenwood last Friday announced it will soon launch two portable media players as part of its MG-E Media Keg series with either 2GB or 4GB of internal memory. Either will sport a microSDHC card slot, allowing that memory to be expanded by another 12GB. Both feature a 1.5-inch six-line OEL display and better audio quality than older Kenwood DAPs thanks to a new and improved DAC.

Users can further customize the way their sound is delivered via an integrated 5-band graphic equalizer or quickly via any of the eight preset sound settings.

The pair of personal music players is directly compatible with Kenwood’s other new release, the UD-E77WSD mini sound system. Featuring a power rating of 2x20W, the mini-system has a CD drive and an SD card slot for instant access of up to 32GB of content. The USB port lets users connect other USB devices, include the new and old Media Keg players.

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iRiver SPINN hands-on at IFA 2008: watch out iPod touch

SlashGear: iRiver’s SPINN PMP keeps pulling in the kudos, and our hands-on at IFA 2008 didn’t do anything to make us doubt it. 

Even a strange leather flip-case that looked like it was held on with medical tape couldn’t disguise a casing that, arguably, is more attractive than that of the iPod touch.  It’s the interface, though, which makes the SPINN such a joy, and a lot of that is down to the incredibly tactile scroll wheel.

Couple that one-handed operation with the convenience of a 3.3-inch OLED touchscreen, and you have a PMP that can be used on the move (even in a pocket) or, scrolling with the right hand and tapping with the left, more leisurely when you’re standing still. 

If sheer storage is your guiding light then the iPod touch will best the SPINN – right now the iRiver’s memory maxes out at 16GB.

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Maxian to Show New PMPs at Berlin’s IFA

PC World: South Korea’s Maxian will unveil a couple of new portable media players at the IFA consumer electronics in Berlin later this week.

The M1 player has a 3.5-inch widescreen display and can play music and video files, has an FM radio, personal information management software and built-in wireless LAN, said the company in a statement.

The player can also tune into terrestrial digital television using the DVB-T format that is gaining support in Europe.

It will be accompanied by the T2, details of which were not disclosed by Maxian.

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Philips launches SA52 PMP in four and eight gigabyte varieties

Tech Digest: At last two models of Philips’ 4GB GoGear SA52 are available for the buying.

Both sporting 2.8-inch QVGA colour screens, they’ll happily play back all your digital music and video files, and (thanks to Philips’ FullSound technology) will even attempt to enhance those poorly encoded MP3 files you’ve been hoarding.

Quite what an algorithm that scans the soundtrack ten million times per second is going to do to battery life isn’t clear, but Philips reckons the unit can play up to 30 hours of music with one charge, so perhaps it’s not too bad.

The unit will play up to six hours of video on one charge, too.

More patented tech in the form of SuperScroll which features “double action search keys”.

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Archos’ HSDPA-enabled PMPs set for unveiling

Electronista: French consumer electronics maker Archos is getting set to unveil its sixth-generation portable media players (PMP), including the 606.

The company has been developing the 3G data network capable PMP as part of the range for about six months now, and has reportedly hosted a press event in July that was believed to feature the new device.

The devices should launch in the company’s home market of France first, as a deal with French data network carrier SFR has been made to put modems into some of the devices.

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Hauppauge puts Freeview in your pocket

Stuff.tv: Clearly bored with churning out Freeview dongles, Dutch maestro Hauppauge has let its hair down and conjured a standalone PMP with a built-in Freeview tuner.

The myTV Player isn’t really an Archos competitor as there’s no internal storage, but its DVB-T tuner means you should be able to catch some Top Gear repeats on Dave while out and about.

We’re a tad sceptical about how good reception will be via the extendable antenna as Freeview is notoriously temperamental on portable devices, but there is at least an SD card slot if you move out of coverage.

They should be pretty watchable on the generously large 3.6in screen too, although the QVGA resolution won’t worry the iPod Touch’s 480×320 display.

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Energy Sistem 2021 announced

PMP Today: Energy Sistem has unveiled another interesting-looking PMP. The Energy 2021 main unique feature is the hook on top, which can be useful for easy carry-on during a work out. It has a 1.5-inch screen, FM tune/ recorder, USB 2.0 and support for XVID to AVI with MP2 Audio), MP3 / WMA / WAV, JPEG, TXT. It weighs only 40 grams. It’s selling for 54.90 euros.

In fact Energy Sistem has a couple other new players on its website including the Energy 3030, which is a1.8-inch 8GB player.

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Sunview PMP projector announced by Sunlink

PMP Today: Sunlink International Holdings has just made my dream come true of a portable media player that can also function as a media projector. The only other manufacturer interested in having a projector built into a portable device is Motorola and it’s in deep trouble. The Sunview PMPP (portable media player projector) was announced in Hong Kong and it’s using the pico projector (PicoP) from Microvision. The PMP itself has a 3.5-inch screen and runs on Windows CE 5.0.

It’s not a slim PMP by no means but with a projector built-in it’s good for the entire family during vacations and long-haul traveling. The iView IPL630 LCOS is capable of projecting at VGA quality (640×480 pixels).

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