Swinxs: for when even the Wii is too complicated

Shiny Shiny: There’s a new games console on the block, kind of. It doesn’t connect to your telly, it won’t help you cause virtual death and destruction and it probably won’t interest you if you’ve ever graduated from the Nintendo Wii.

The Swinxs is a gaming device that works using RFID wristbands. By using this technology it can work out the location of each wristband, enabling players to play games like musical chairs or tag. There’s also three sensors on top, which can be used to answer in multiple choice quiz games.

Aimed primarily at the young ‘uns, the games can all be updated and added to (for free) by connecting your Swinxs to a computer via USB.

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Firm unveils GPS RFID tag

TUVPS.co.uk: A radio frequency identification (RFID) tag which uses global positioning system (GPS) technology to ascertain specific location data of an item has been unveiled.

Identec Solutions has developed the GPS Tag, which it claims is the most advanced RFID tag on the current market and is “independently intelligent”.

The tag uses satellite data with RFID technology to monitor its movement, potentially enabling complete identification of an asset’s location.

It also has a range of 500 metres and can be used in conjunction with a reader to be activated at any time.

According to Peter Linke, executive vice president of sales and marketing at Identec, the system will provide “the most complete asset tracking solution possible”.

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