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Mercedes-Benz updates A-Class infotainment system, focuses on iPhone and Siri integration

Engadget:  Ever wish your car’s infotainment system played nice with your iPhone 4S right out of the gate? Well,Mercedes-Benz is doing just that will an update to the COMAND system in A-Class autos. (more…)

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The Top 10 Technologies for 2009: ones to watch

Popgadget: What are the 10 technologies that will knock our socks off this year? Technology Review magazine takes its annual look at what’s in the pipeline.

Among them: cyborgs, a chip that will analyze your genome and software to speed up the ‘Net. Hurray!

One of these new technologies, currently called Siri, is that personal assistant software they’ve been promising me for ages. This year’s model, they say, will be a mobile app that responds to either voice or typed commands and will do only relatively simple things like making restaurant reservations and checking flight status.

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