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Zero standby power just around the corner

TechOn!: Imagine a chip that waits in Off mode for an input, that instantly turns on the power for processing when an input is detected, and then turns itself off again.

An integrated circuit (IC) technology that might make possible this type of “normally-off” equipment will enter practical use in 2009: zero-standby-dissipation chips, achieved by making the entire chip, including logic, nonvolatile.

As environment-friendly equipment becomes ever more important, this may be the trump card in slashing power consumption.

The industry is switching into high gear in pursuit of zero-standby-dissipation IC technology. Rohm Co Ltd of Japan, at the forefront of developments, prototyped a microprocessor in 2008 and is now designing custom chips for a number of equipment manufacturers.

With its volume production line in Kyoto completed in May/June 2009, Rohm will begin shipping custom ICs in the second half of the year.

“Equipment using the new chips may appear before the end 2009,” according to a source at the company. NEC Corp of Japan, hot on Rohm’s heels, has developed a technology that runs chips even faster, and completed verification of a test chip in 2008.

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Kill standby mode says Dixons chief

AV Zombie: UK retail group DSG, owner of Dixons and Currys.digital, has called for the abolition of Standby modes on consumer electronics.

Speaking at its international supplier conference in London , DSG’s international chief executive John Clare has called on global manufacturers of CE products to focus their energies on the international green agenda, including the phasing out, wherever possible, of stand-by functionality.

Clare declared that DSG will use its buying power to promote greener products: “In partnership with our Global suppliers, we are in a prime position to have a significant impact on our customers’ behaviour and choices. We must use this position in the right way – now.”

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Bye bye, standby

Automated Home: A new range of energy-saving products designed to reduce carbon emissions by switching off appliances that use electricity in standby mode, has been released by Domia.  The “Bye bye Standby” range will be available from the end of February 2007.

Bye Bye Standby works by completely cutting power to the devices plugged into it when they’re not in use, thus saving the power that devices would otherwise have consumed in Standby Mode.

Domia By Bye Standby

From Domia’s product page, the system works as follows: 

“Simply plug a Smart Socket into a mains wall socket and plug an electrical appliance into it. Make sure the Green Switch and the Smart Socket are set to the same House Code and Appliance Number – for example ‘A1’. You can now switch your appliances on and off wirelessly from up to 30m away using the Green Switch – by doing so you will avoid leaving your devices on standby.”


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